Maybe you know?

So i am thinking I have a little problem.
This is all on older growth. I am thinking it might be a phosphorus and potassium deficiency. The reason I don’t think its calcium is because its on the older growth not the newer growth (if i learned that right)

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Still looks like calcium or magnesium to me.


I agree but it’s only on older growth? If not; start cal mag. If you already use it I wouldn’t change anything. Plant overall looks fine.


@Covertgrower thats what i was thinking at first…
@Myfriendis410 I am using the key to life nutes. So the calcium has no mag but the green9 has it

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If it continues to move up the plant, you know its something else then. Can youbtake a photo of the entire plant? By the way, these photos are a great reference tool. You can look back in time to see the state of your plant. I take a photo every day for this very reason.


Looks like magnesium to me too but im no expert. Just goin by what i know it to look like

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So let me give you more info also…
Let me start by saying so for such a long post that said…
I am feeding GH macro nutes with the line from key to grow line
For the micro nutes Green9

The Cal[NO]Mag

Humic and fulvic Acids

Their molasses magic and kelp
Also their Fun Guy and Microbes


The coco coir is amended with Perlite, bio-char, and DYNOMYCO.
And the plant is Critical Sour Diesel
I just looked and she has been vegging for 10weeks. I know I know 10 weeks wtf. But in my defense I am building my flower room and it is taking a little longer :pinching_hand: than planned.


hell Let me get the rest of the girls in the show too.

Red Diesel

Green Crack

Chocolate Mint OG

Red Dragon


Fruity Chronic Juice

White widow

Girl Scout Cookies

Skunk #1

This one topped its self

And project clone

Everyone thats the girls …
Girls thats everyone


I would have guessed Calcium, so I am no help.


Hey look anything helps… i think the problem is I have more than one thing going on. Everything was good till a couple of days ago

I have came to the conclusion start the nutes over empty the rez and start over lol

That plant REALLY needs to be potted up: I think the bulk of your trouble is being rootbound.


So go from the 3 to 7


Yeah I was gonna say the same thing. The issue with being root bound is nutrients have nothing to hang around in, poor water retention because the plant sucks up everything in sight. Old root doesnt collect air as readily either, and new root is healthier and able to feed easier. Combine that with the fact that all your medium has been replaced with old root and your plant is struggling. One of the easiest ways to rejuvenate a plant is to put it in fresh material. @DoceePharms


Ok thanks you after I seen that response that said self that makes complete sense so pay day is 7gal. Pots and by the time they adjust my flower should be done
Well done enough for them to go in


Put up some pics - in progress and complete housing some of those good looking girls

@beardless here you go. I have to put the foam board on the walls and then the panda plastic, paint the floor. I will have a a 4x8 footprint for flower. Either I will do a short table like my veg table or have a small raised border with plastic down right in the flower.


Envious. Will be nice when you have it put together

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Yes that is my goal… i would love the top tech grow of “the gentleman” status but i will take what i can make happen

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