Maybe I’m being to critical, but

This is my second harvest. I’ve been trying to grow low THC high CBD plants. I’ve bought seeds to this effect. The first tested, at a certified lab to be the opposite of what seed I bought. It was suppose to be 5% THC and 10% CBD. It was 11THC and 4.6 CBD. The latest harvest was suppose to be 5-8 THC and 5-8 CBD. It was tested at 13% THC no CBD. Maybe this doesn’t matter to some of you and maybe it’s just to difficult with all the variables but it’s a little frustrating. I do enjoy growing but I’d like to grow what I want. Any thoughts?


That’s a tough one.

Growing from seed is like having 40,000 kids (some seed runs are that large) and before they are born selling them saying that the kid will have blond hair and blue eyes.

Both those numbers are off more than I’m comfortable with. You would think that with a stable strain the numbers would be in the ballpark.

With that said, you need to run at least 10 seeds of a strain and closer to 40 if you want to find “the one”. I know it’s a pain, but keeping clones and having the parent flowered and tested is the only way you will be able to confidently say the THC/CBD outcome of your grow.

I’m sure that some breeders/strains are more consistent than others and as time goes on all these new CBD strains will become more stable.

Depending on what state you’re in you might be able to buy a clone that’s already testing at levels you want.

You know what Gump says: “life is like a box of chocolates…”

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@AAA I thought that might be the case. That would be a LOT of work! Maybe I’m expecting to much. I’ll just keep growing and testing until I get there. Testing is expensive but I guess I’m the kind that wants to know. Thanks for your input.


I understand. But really try germinating twice as many seeds as you want and “weed” out the finicky or runty ones. You will get better plants in the end.

If you want known cbd and thc you must use clones of tested mothers. There is no other way. You cannot use seed and expect this result, it simply will not be reliable.

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@Cannabian not very easy to get clones. I’ve tried. Haven’t found any yet. Any ideas on where?

Where do you live? Thereabouts? Like in a general area lol

have you tried your local compassion clubs? That would be the BEST place to find a good source.

The midwest

Never heard of compassion club

You might wanna look for one, compassion clubs are folks that help people with cancer or other illnesses like epilepsy connect with cannabis.

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