May the Force of Blackberry and Amnesia be with you


I don’t dare go to the seed shop right now I have a little shopping addiction lol.


Hahaha I know the feeling! Hey I got a like back somehow lol.


@MattyBear I get a like and then need to wait hours. They really should reset them all at midnight and not count the 24 hours from the minute you like something.


I agree lol. Or just give us a couple more per day… haha


They’re all divas aren’t they?


Hahaha I get that too I’m 36 with a 18 aND 16 year old people don’t believe me when I tell them my oldest daughter is a sophomore in college


i did @Tylan between all of you guys growing it ,…i had to try!:rofl:


Switched to watching so I can follow this one through!


Thanks! Looks great


Looks awesome @Tylan, every post you do makes me want the Skywalker & Blackberry even more, nice work! :+1: :smile:


I remember now (well, after rereading!) This is where I learned to go ahead and follow the pH on three NOTG feeding schedule, even though it’s a little high for coco :woman_teacher:
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@GreenThunder 6.3 does seem alarming huh? Heavy16 is 6.5.


Sorry guys just saw the posts and tags
Yeah i used mine on the girls for years with no issues but decided to get the ro so i know exactly what im putting in my plants and have a bit more control
@Tylan im feel it a high ppm at 370
Its all good minerals tho and never had issues using it


This is like a disease right? Purple thinning stem at base of plant. Only this one and I’m about to transplant. Don’t want to hide an issue but gonna bury it a bit during transplant. Thoughts? My only thought is I gave too many nutes I feed yesterday even though I wanted to water. First mistake is I gave them too freaking much cause soil still wet after 24 hrs.

Some quick tags @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Donaldj @Hogmaster @Covertgrower @Myfriendis410

Amnesia Haze, temps 75 to 80, humidity 55-60, 16 days since sprout. Using NFTG with 6.2 pH per recommendations in promix ultimate starter mix.


There’s also no fan on them… That’s in the flower tent didn’t have any more was hoping to hold off but maybe this is cause


Thin stem is usually stretching plant, not enough light intensity. Also do you have a small fan moving air by the plant? That usually helps strengthen them up a bit too.

Unless someone has a better idea, I would try the transplant and burying a little of it. Then move lights closer and make sure that it’s has enough air to at least wiggle the leaves.

I’m not sure which if any of the nectar bottles contain silica? But that generally promotes strong healthy stem growth too.

Edit… seen you posted about the fan while I was typing haha.


Ok yeah I had a vipar 450 on them at 33in height. I think they are growing faster than I expected and I’m going to move the lights down to veg height. Hopefully that’s all it is. Thanks bud :sunglasses:


No problem. You’ll want that fan too if you can come up with something. That and the silica will definitely help just as much.


Damping stem can be a result of moisture issues in the soil I think, too?

@TDubWilly didn’t someone in the lab have this issue a few months ago? I need to medicate so I can remember.