May the Force of Blackberry and Amnesia be with you


Yes sir i have high ppm i triple filter my water and have a uv light whole house set up and then i run my water threw a ro filter system for drinking and cooking and using in my grow room haha
My well water is 370 ppm before the ro filter and 30ppm after the filters so essentially its almost pure water next best thing would be distilled water @HJL


wait 370 is high ppm? thats what my city water comes out of the tap as. doing your system isn’t necessary you just like having pure water? I don’t know if I want to get that complex lol (but will if I should).


@Countryboyjvd1971 my city water is 525 ppm. But nothing bad and I use it on my plants. So far, no problem.


Some of the seedlings were starting to touch the edges of the ziplock bag so I’m removing them. I am going to hang a damp towel to keep humidity up. I also put the new Vipar in instead of the A19 LEDs. The light is 33in above the plants I’ll raise a bit of need be.


Looks awesome @Tylan, they should shoot up in no time. :+1: :smile:


Amnesia Haze #2 and Skywalker have slight deficiencies. Cotyledons still on both but I’m starting the NFTG now even though I should have used them from the start. They’ll bounce back :sunglasses:. Btw dangling damp towel trick works awesomely raised my humidity from 35 to 63. And yes I watered them a little more than a mist :yum:


Amnesia Haze #2


Nice work @Tylan, coming along nicely! :+1:


Thanks @Buds007!


Filled a 30 gallon tote with the ProMix BX and added 8qt of perlite and 8qt of vermiculite. It’ll sit in tub until I’m ready to transplant in a week or two. Have dolomite lime on order for when I fill the pots.


Today marks two weeks since they showed themselves. They are getting big. Amnesia Haze #2 is a diva but she’ll get over herself I’ll just give her a Snickers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I fed them after these shots. They will get straight water next.

Skywalker OG

Blackberry Kush

Amnesia Haze #1

Amnesia Haze #2

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awesome @Tylan you are growing what i want!!! lol


Out of likes, but looking good! Those AH can be finicky but she’s gonna be just fine! Thanks for the tag


Looks big enough for a transplant soon! @Tylan


Yeah I’m waiting for my dolomite lime to arrive on Wednesday then they go into their 5 gallon pots :sunglasses:


Yeah I’m gonna get her and her little deficiencies too! :wink:


You’ll love the Skywalker if you choose to get them :sunglasses:. Fast grower!


I know you will! I’m looking at the Skywalker and Blackberry closely cuz I wanna order them next lol. Even tho I just bought some Maui Waui and Blue Dream from here :grimacing:


Hey thanks for the tag :sunglasses:

Your girls are looking good :+1: will be watching and learning…