May the Force of Blackberry and Amnesia be with you


those seedlings are sure looking good @Tylan
i’ll be burning cardboard boxes until summer!
glad you found a use for some of yours!


looks like a nice set up and things are going well!


Nice work @Tylan can’t wait to see your results from Princess Leya & the Blackberry. I’ve got some amnesia so I’ll be watching those two, but I want to order the other two as well & I’m keen to see how you go with them. :+1: :smile:


I’ll tag you in going forward @Buds007! The Amnesia are surprising me with their growth. Working on their 2nd nodes now (I don’t count their single leaves as a node).


Awesome @Tylan, you must be getting excited with that growth. :+1:


I am! I think this is their sativa genes coming through. When I get the 450w Vipar hooked up on these girls in a about a week I think they are going to really take off. I was also supposed to be following the NFTG feeding schedule for seedlings and haven’t :blush:.


@Tylan Yeah I used my 300w Viparspectra for the first half of my grow & they went very well. Now I have a Mars Hydro II 1600 & I’m hoping it makes my buds thicken up. I think I’ll just use that one for seedlings & early grow. :+1: :smile:


Wow so Amnesia Haze #2 already has a root sticking out of the bottom of the solo cup.


better do something quick sounds like @Tylan
i have two auto am.haze going,good stuff!


I was totally not prepared for any of them to take off like that. She’s a beast already compared to the other three. Looks like I’ll be transplanting before my other grow is done. Had to order some more fabric pots just to be safe.


@Tylan I run my ntfg in coco using their recommendations. 6.3 at the moment. Heavy 16 is 6.5. I was skeptical on both because 5.8 seems to be the gold standard. I wanted to follow regardless, to see what happened. Both are thriving.


Hey buddy can I ask you a question @Countryboyjvd1971? About how many gallons does a 3.8 cf of a promix bx bail equal out to? is it a simple conversion to 24 gallons or is it more since the bail is compressed? Do I have to let it sit out a day or so in a tub before using it? I saw in your thread you are adding vermiculite to yours. I’m gonna copy that idea if you don’t mind :slight_smile:


Lol yeah run with the idea bro i also add a little more perilite as well @Tylan i just ran out this time
Im not sure exactly how many gallons i get frim the bail but i can get 8-10 pots filled with just one
I use 3 , 5 and 7 gal pots
I just use a small shovel to break it up enough to get into pots and hand crush any big pieces
I guess it wouldn’t hurt to put it in a tub @Hogmaster actually stores his promix in a tote
I have a tote too that i may start using to store it and mix it in lol :joy::laughing:


Ok awesome thanks @Countryboyjvd1971 :+1: . Lol I can just see myself trying to get it all mixed in in my cramped space where I have my tent lol so I think the tote/tub is the best bet for me. I’m actually glad I’m talking about this now because I know I would have gotten to the point of ok time to mix and had that dumb look on my face about WHERE to mix hahaha. I do have some perilite as well. Is an 8qt bag of each too much to mix with the entire bail or just about right? (8qt perilite and 8qt vermiculite)


I would add it slowly as you mix start with half a bag of each and add as you see fit
Im going with promix hp when i restock so i dont need to add any more perilite hp has extra in it from mfg :+1:
Ive also done the omg thing bro happens more often than not actually @Tylan hahaha


I’m thinking of using Promix HP for my next grow. Is there anything different I need to be aware of. Right now I’m using Promix Organic.


I have never used promix organic
The organic has fertilizer in it doesn’t it ? @HJL
I have only used the bx and the hp is the same thing with more perilite in it ti helps aid in drainage and soil compaction
With both bx and ho there are no nutrients added so your soil lants wilm need to feed early i start feeding mine around week 2 from sprout 1-1/2 at the earliest depending on the plants needs but definitely by week two


Promix Organic does have some fertilizer in it but it is not time released. Says it feeds for three months so I start feeding half strength after 3 or so weeks. I would like to have full control so trying the HP might be good. Is it better then coco or just different?


I have never used coco Alsways heard to much bad things with it so i never tried it
@Myfriendis410 uses coco not sure he has wver tried the promix
I personally like having full control on what my plants get i use ro water as well
So my girls only get what i allow them to have @HJL


Ro water is reverse osmosis?