May the Force of Blackberry and Amnesia be with you


I see your issue and raise you lol. 37, with 18 yo boy, 8 yo girl, and 8 mo girl.


Ouch @dbrn32


At least by 49 my youngest will be out of hs. If I had another I’d shoot myself lol


Ya, apparently I never learned.


Skywalker fully out now in all her gory


The Force is strong in that little one. He may be the one to bring balance back to the galaxy.

Train him you will, strong he shall become. But I sense a dark side close, A vision of black (berry)…


I can’t wait to see how this turns out. I Love has some amazing looking stuff on this website. Your “girls” are doing great! Keep up the good work. In a couple weeks I’m going to pull the trigger and place my first order. The hardest part is going to be deciding. Watching all of you has made me jealous.:wink: I’m going to get away from my dispensary clones and try something new all thanks to everyone and this website. Good luck and enjoy your grow. You’re off to a great start!


@neckNflu Deciding was my problem too lol. I settled on Amnesia Haze for my first purchase then there was a good sale then there were new stains… lol


This is a new year miracle :joy:… Welcome to the world little baby! :seedling:
Happy new year friend!


All four have now joined us :sunglasses:

Skywalker OG

She’s got a bit of a stretch going so moved her closer by using a solo cup as a base. I’ll debate at time of transplant if I’ll bury her stem a little or not.

Blackberry Kush

She came out with her shell on so I gently removed it with a tweezer.

Amnesia Haze #1

Amnesia Haze #2

She is poking out just slightly

Misted each with two sprays each and one spray in their domes. They will start a 9AM lights out and 3PM lights on (18/6) tomorrow.

To make things easier I’m going to call the start date of the seedlings to 1/1/18. New Year’s Babies :sunglasses:

I need to head to the local garden shop to make sure my ProMix BX order came in. NOTG was delayed and is coming tomorrow (not that I need either right this second).

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What a way to start the year!


Just chill, them will be fine for at least a week in there homes


No rush here I just like bring prepared. :slight_smile: I need to keep them where they are in some fashion for two to three weeks before I can clear out my other tent.


Looking good!


Looking awesome @Tylan I’m glad they all popped up for you.


Looks awesome, exciting stuff! :+1:



The dirt looks dry. It is dry? :joy:


Snapped the shot right before I misted :sunglasses:


Not that I have any LEDs yet for these but they arrived at least :sunglasses: