May the Force of Blackberry and Amnesia be with you


Woke up to both Amnesia Haze showing me their Taproot. Took them about 40-45 hours to show. Into the promix they went. Now just waiting on Mrs Blackberry to come to the party. I just changed her water.


Nice​:+1:t3::+1:t3: Right on


Why hello love. We are now at 100% germination :sunglasses:. Blackberry took about 52 hours to geminate.

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New the real adventure is on​:+1::seedling::fire:


@Tylan all out of likes, but this makes me want to start my Jack Herer beans!


really 52 hrs? hmm:thinking: congrats!


Lol yeah I was holding my breath the entire time @BIGE lol


Haha the temptation! I know that feeling :sunglasses:


Heck yeah!


@Tylanyou order from amazon much :joy: I have a small black table the fits perfectly in my tent that I got at target for $15 that I used in this stage. You went to cheaper route I didn’t even this of using all the boxes that Everything came in.


Skywalker is trying to come out and say hello :grin:


LOL Christmas time and 4 kids so lots of boxes :rofl:

I’m an avid recycler when it comes to waste (I have two recycle bins) so had to actually scrounge around for these boxes lol.


Omg 4 kids I couldn’t handle that. My daughter is easy and calm but my son is like 5 boys in one. What do you have? If you don’t mind me asking?


First of all happy birthday @jmlove123 :grin:

Three daughters (16 this coming wed, 9, and 7) and one boy (12). I’m 38 and people’s jaws always drop when they hear I have a 15 year old lol.

How old is your son and daughter?


12 year old daughter and a 10 year old sone the size of a 6 year old mentality a 1 1/2 to 2 year old and the strength of a 10 year old :joy:


ibet,i would have been a wreck! lol


All of my seeds took a week to pop out of the pods lol next time I am going to do the shot glass route


ROFL my son is almost taller than me the strength of a 6 year old and depending on the day mentally a 7 to 10 year old with a ray of 12 year old from time to time.


That is why we need help to relax lol an thanks for the birthday wish