May the Force of Blackberry and Amnesia be with you


Probably a few inches further than cfls


Just trying to be helpful any way I can. :grimacing: I’m always having to come up with creative ways to get some things done. Getting old is not fun! And I think using a regular heat gun may be too much heat for this :thinking:


Much appreciated on the brain storming :grin:. I have always end up macgyvering some solution. I can get creative when I need to solve a problem.

Ended up carefully soldering them off LOL


And that is a tip I’m putting into my “I CAN Do It” notebook :notebook::grimacing:


Do you feel like you have more light this way?


You can use them whitout that…i don’t know the name :joy:… Just the bulbs and something like this


Out of likes @M4ur but I like that fixture.


It’s ok @dbrn32. They seem about as bright as the CFLs but that’s just naked observation. I KNOW they are better so that’s all that matters :yum:

I will remove those aluminum reflectors I was just being a tad lazy since my wife was calling for me and I didn’t want to make her wait much longer LOL. That fixture is badass @M4ur :grin:


Best way to grow on a budget right there, in my opinion.


Dunno why I was being lazy literally took 2 min to take all off they just screwed off lol @M4ur @dbrn32


Good deal! Later in your grow you can use them to place in corners or anywhere you may need add a little extra light too.

If you can find a good deal on 90 cri 3000k bulbs those will add some good reds for flowering as well.


When I searched for 90 CRI 3000k it came up with a few different types. Is this the ones you had in mind @dbrn32?


I love it great idea there


Your on the right track everything looks great :+1:t2:


Sure. Just pay attention to price vs efficacy. A small boost on lumens per watt could cost a lot more. Since this will be to supplement, no sense in spending a ton of extra cash


I will tag you in a thread to see a video about that I posted


Awesome. Watched the video gonna have to check that out. Added the light fixture to my list to get :grin:


Diggin it @Tylan love all the cool diy stuff you got goin on and cant wait to see those new strains start kickin!!


Great job. I need to learn more about lighting myself other than what I just read. I don’t understand a ton of it, but keep up the great work!


Thanks @Growit and @neckNflu :sunglasses:. When they go full on veg they will be under 450w Viparspectras. It didn’t even cross my mind to add supplemental lighting so that’s what’s going to go on in this grow now :grin: