May the Force of Blackberry and Amnesia be with you


Love the shot glass @Tylan. It matches my foot


Nice @muffybunny! I grabbed that one when I was visiting my parents when they lived in Arizona years ago. Was always fond of Kokopelli on top of having a collection of shot glasses I couldn’t resist :grin:


And Skywalker is now in the promix :sunglasses:. Gonna find a box to lift her up a bit more closer to the light.


Not sure if you’re aware, but you can get quite a bit more par out of those cfl’s if you kick them horizontal with a reflector.


I was aware I just didn’t let it click lol. Any suggestions on doing that with those reflectors? They are pretty bendable so I’m thinking… Unscrew socket and bend reflector into a rectangle and drill a hole on the side and put socket in there then cover up other hole with aluminum foil. Thoughts?


Pending fixing light fixture to go horizontal she’s all set:


That would probably work. You usually see them built with lamp parts and disposable cake pans lol. You could probably switch over to the household leds with removable diffusers and just screw them into what you have too


Lol those are what I use for my drip pans :yum:

What’s the cost estimate for this solution? Right now the CFLs are giving off an ok amount of heat for the tent if I switch to led I will most likely have to get a heater (planning on it anyway). I’ve been following the DIY thread a bit but with the holidays I’m like 130 posts behind lol. I prefer less electricity so I like led. I’m very handy so anything electrical is not a big deal.

I plan on going with one or two of the hlg-300’s in a couple months (I hope).


Outta likes, what do you have for home improvement stores in your area? Lowe’s, Home Depot, menards? All of them probably have 4 packs of the led bulbs for probably $10 or less. They are a19 style, same type you would screw into lamp or light fixture in your home.

You just want to make sure you get them with removable diffuser and something like 5000k-6500k color temp for seedlings.


Literally a 4-5 watt a19 bulb would probably put out more light than how you are using the cfl’s. The leds shine straight down once the diffuser is removed. With the cfl, they put out very little light straight down. So you’re banking on all of the light to be reflected. Reflecting light is nowhere near as good as having a point source.


Didn’t want to drive 20 min to nearest Lowe’s or home Depot so went to Walmart. How’s these?


Bigger than you need, but they’ll work great. Does the diffuser unscrew?


I think I’m gonna have to pop it off


Ugh, they’re getting cheap lol. Don’t risk breaking the led pcb. Be gentle and see if it will pop off. If not, it should be plastic, you can probably cut it off as well.


Would using a hair dryer help to loosen the plastic? @dbrn32


Maybe. Most of the ones I’ve seen have just been a friction fit if they don’t screw in. If there was any glue, the heat would probably help.


I did think of that @SmoknGranny lol. Might have to actually. I’m using a solder to gently melt the plastic and found time on glue inside. Not sure if it’s visible in picture.


Try whit a screwdriver maybe she get out easily


I did @M4ur it wasn’t happening I was worried I’d break it.

Ended up using the solder and it worked. Looks ugly but works lol.



Oh btw @dbrn32 how close should the light be? About as close as I had the CFLs?