May the Force of Blackberry and Amnesia be with you


Exactly, we live and learn no big deal :slight_smile: I just ordered Cherry Pie, GDP and Purple Kush. Already planning my next grow hahaha

LOL yeah, Bob and Scott are hilarious together.


I finally joined the club


What is that :joy:


Haha oops. It’s a remote temperature and humidity sensor connects via bluetooth to my phone app.


:thinking: interesting stuff you have there… Thx


It’ll work really well for you @Tylan I have one.


That is pretty cool. Not too bad for price either I thought it would have been a lot more.


You’re the reason it was on my list :wink:


Are you using the foliar spray? I received the sample package and am unsure about the spray because I haven’t used one before. I’m assuming it should be used close to lights out to avoid burn? But I feed/water shortly after lights on. Is it ok to not use the spray at the same time as the feeding? Oil check out the YouTube channel you mentioned too but wondered how or if you use the spray.


@GreenThunder I’m using the foliar spray as a feed in instead. I can’t be bothered with actually spraying because as you said it’s supposed to be done closer to lights out. My lights out is 9am when I’m work. I usually feed at lights on as well. I haven’t done much looking into and the videos don’t touch much on Bloom Khaos (yet). From what I understand you spray the underside of the leaves so maybe that’ll help with any potential burn.

I will say if you go heavy on the Bloom Khaos be prepared to go heavy on the Hurculean Harvest. They go hand in hand. I’m already half done with both. I usually put in double the amount recommended for Hurculean.


I’ve only done the NftG foliar twice and both times, she was unhappy about it, so I stopped. There are so many contributing factors, I don’t blame the nute or the process. It could have been any combination of those factors that made foliar a no go for me.


Veg Week 5 (Skywalker / Blackberry)

Flower Week 3 (AHA #1 / AHA #2)

Finally was able to get runoff after dumping two gallons into each plant (8 gallons total). Each of these got SLF-100 and Silica as well as 20ml/g of Bloom Khaos.

For Skywalker and Blackberry I mixed in 20ml/g of Hurculean Harvest as well as Aphrodite’s Extraction and both AHA got 45ml/g of Hurculean Harvest as well as Mega Morpheus.

The runoff numbers are telling. I am seeing what appears to be a potassium deficiency.

I’ve been pH’ing in at 6.2 and I never did a slurry test. At least now I have a game plan. I’ll adjust pH accordingly for next feeding.

Skywalker is starting to fill out the net nicely and the Blackberry is coming up and I’m starting to train her as well. She’s a bit droopy because I should have watered yesterday but got busy :sunglasses:

Skywalker OG

pH In/Out: 6.2/5.7
PPM In/Out: 1360/3220

Blackberry Kush

pH In/Out: 6.2/5.9
PPM In/Out: 1360/2620

Amnesia Haze #1

pH In/Out: 6.2/6.1
PPM In/Out: 1510/3500

Amnesia Haze #2

pH In/Out: 6.2/5.5
PPM In/Out: 1510/3610


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You should be able to top dress those pots with a little bit of Dolomite lime and get those ph numbers to come back in a week or so. You can water in a little higher in the meantime if you’d like.


Your skywalker is doing well. Kinda makes me wonder what mine would have looked like if I did not mainline ?? I am about done trimming her, she will have 9 colas as far as I can see now. And I believe you are right that she was just a fast starter although it is hard to tell from my plant as I really have abused her but she seem to be taking it well.

Did you cut back on your amnesia ? Looks like it is a tall plant. I wanted to try some. As long as I grow my wife’s garden plants first she will let me grow in my 2x4x5 tent for the summer. Got some Amnesia seeds last year and want to get one going.

Nice plants. :man_farmer:


Good point! I’ll do just that :sunglasses:


Happy birthday :birthday: @Tylan
Those numbers are not so good my friend but you can handle it :+1:. Maybe this is the problem that start that defiency.
If you look at potassium you will see what is the range to get absorbed by the plant


She is definitely a fast grower! I’m spreading her out and the new bud sites are coming up quickly I’ll be starting to tuck them too.

AHA #1 took on the sativa gene and AHA #2 took on a indica gene but I didn’t know they were autos so I topped at a bad time so AHA #2 is gonna be weird lol. If they were the photos that I ordered that tall one would be out of control. I was planning on putting them in the scrog.

Your Skywalker is looking so good I’m so interested in seeing the results. How long is the average veg time to fill out that mainline?


Haha thanks :grin:

Yeah those numbers suck but I’ll tackle the crap out of them lol.