May the Force of Blackberry and Amnesia be with you


Hopefully that works out better for your trying to do.


What height did you end up reducing it to? How tall is your tent? You really did a great job. Hope you don’t mind me copying your idea. Thanks.


Real professional like! Great job


No problem copy away :sunglasses:

I reduced the 28½ piece to 19½. It’s a bit low but that’s actually how I want it for these plants. If they were sativa dominant I might have only reduced it to maybe 22½. That’s where the adjustability @dbrn32 was talking about comes in. The height of the net might be different from grow to grow. I have plenty of left over PVC pipe so if next grow requires a higher height I’ll just swap those pieces out. A bit of a pain vs adjustable but it works too :grin:. My tent is 80".


Looks nice. PVC is great to work with. So forgiving. I built mine at about 28" off the floor but I think I will raise it so I can get a pan under it like you did.


I found a cheap one for 30 and it works great


Veg Week 4 (Skywalker / Blackberry)

Flower Week 2 (AHA #1 / AHA #2)

Bit of a long update since no update in two weeks.

I’m marking the Amnesia Haze Auto’s as start of week 2. They’ve probably been in a little bit longer but I’m going to keep it consistent. Skywalker and Blackberry are in start of week 4.

I didn’t get to do an update last week because it was my wife’s birthday and happy wife happy life so… :sunglasses:

I was able to get all four into my 4x4x7 tent on the 4th.

I made a couple mistakes that I need to point out.

The first is that my FIMing wasn’t as successful as I originally thought. I cut too low on both the Skywalker and Blackberry. The Skywalker is essentially topped. There’s a little dwarf of a growth there that’s it. On the Blackberry I came closer as I ended up with three main stems. One is weak looking and there’s another dwarf of a growth for what was to be the fourth stem. No problem I’ll just cut a about a cm further up next time.

The second mistake was my runoff or lack thereof. Because I wasn’t prepared for being in my 2x4x5 tent for as long as I did I wasn’t really watering enough. I just assumed I was getting a mild runoff that was getting soaked back in. I started seeing some nitrogen deficiency in AH #2 and BK. After I got them in the bigger tent I was then able to build the scrog and stands to get runoff. Problem is I must have really been underwatering them because I was giving them 1/4 gallon before and after the stands where I had the ability to catch runoff I gave 1/2 gallon and still got no runoff! The good thing is I haven’t had any new deficiencies in about a week. This week I gave each a gallon and was STILL unable to get runoff. I’ll try more next time.

I defoliated Skywalker and Blackberry a tad. I also did a couple of fan leaf snips on AH #2 as she’s quite bushy.

I’ve purchased some additives to supplement my NFTG line. I also purchased a gallon of the Herculean Harvest and a quart of Bloom Khaos.

Two of the new things are from the Roman Regimen and I have already put into the feeding schedules:

Mega Morpheus
Aphrodite’s Extraction

The other two things I have coming are:

Cultured Biologix Tea’s (samples)

I’ve been watching Oregon’s Constant Gardener on YouTube where they mainly talk about the NFTG line and other products that work well with those nutrients. He has Scott Ostrander (owner of Oregon’s Only) on regularly. They also had Tim McCormick (owner of Cultured Biologix) where I learned you can get a sample pack of their products if you go to their website :grin:

Another thing I leaned is that Olympus Up is essential. It has some good stuff in it too so that’s why their nutes pH low.

I’ll be using the following schedule:

feed - feed - tea and slf - feed - feed - hurculean flush and slf

Today was the Hurculean Flush.

Other than that the girls are doing reasonably well. No complaints or worries from me.

Skywalker OG

Blackberry Kush

Amnesia Haze #1

Amnesia Haze #2


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Great update! Looking good bro


Looks like you’ve got them on track, nice job!


Wow! @Tylan Super job on the scrog net!


Thanks @MattyBear @dbrn32 @AnneBonny!


Really nice setup! Looks like you’re doing an awesome job. Thanks for posting it’s great to read


Looking good @Tylan keep up the great growing.


You are prepar for anything :wink::joy:… Good job :+1:


Looks good


Lookin fantastic @Tylan, well done! :+1: :smile:


Thanks all! I must say I really am liking this NFTG line.


Looking good :slight_smile: on your “topping” that’s how we learn from experience :blush: next time like you said a little higher with your cut…
I’ve been watching " Oregon’s Constant Gardener" for a while now and have learned a lot about the NFTG line plus they are a blast to watch :grinning: