May the Force of Blackberry and Amnesia be with you


@Tylan, Oh dude, you have all the necessary stuff but where’s the safety glasses? Just kidding. I was looking at you project goodies for your Scrog.


Oh for sure! You can run it and see how it goes right?

You see around 26” or so a lot. But most of those screens are quite a bit bigger. You need a decent gap to get a plant to reach out a good distance. What I was looking at, is that your plant will be about the size of net by the time it gets there. So you’re not really getting the advantage of creating a larger canopy with the net. As opposed to if the net was lower, you could start training sooner and probably get a full net faster. The way you have it, you won’t be asking your plant to reach out much. So you don’t need as much room either.

You’ll still get the benefit of the net keeping canopy level, so see how it goes. When I built mine I used two different diameter pipes, and the net slid down into base. Then I had a series of holes drilled in legs. I could remove a bolt from each leg and adjust height. It was my adjustment to building it bigger than was ideal haha. But give her a go and see how it does.


That makes sense :blush:. In two to three weeks I will probably reduced the size if they aren’t even close to reaching it. I don’t want to veg forever. That’s part of the reason I over shot the height easier to reduce then add lol. I like the idea of adjustable but that’d require redoing stuff so I’m going to keep that in mind if I redesign this whole thing down the road so thanks for that idea! :sunglasses:


That my friend is the most professional scrog I’ve seen, nice tucking work.
I mean you might as well get tucking ready to tuck you Lil tucking hands off.


That’s a great looking scrog. I would like to make a similar one. What are all the dimensions?


Slick set up :sunglasses::ok_hand::v:I like it…


@HJL thanks :sunglasses:

The total dimensions are 22x23¾x36¾ (inches).

I cut the PVC into the following pieces:

(4) 12 3/8"
(4) 2 1/4"
(4) 5 1/2"
(4) 3 1/4"
(4) 28 1/2" (change this size to raise/lower scrog height)
(2) 19 3/4"
(2) 21 1/2"

I used the following pipe fittings:

(8) 90 degree side outlet elbow
(4) cap
(4) tee
(4) elbow

Here’s some pictures as it was assembled:


That is awesome. Thanks for the demisions and pics. I’m on my 4th grow and have yet to do a scrog. I have a 2x4 tent so I’m thinking maybe building 2 or 3 units. Guess i know what im doing on the weekend. :wink:


Nice. I have a blackberry kush on its second week of flowering :slight_smile:


That’s awesome @Licksore :grin:. How’d she grow out for you?


I topped it after 4 weeks. Let it grow for another week and a half then went to flower. Has 12 solid colas all forming delightful little preflowers. I also have another seedling about 2 weeks old and two more germinating right now.


Great job! That looks awesome. Well done


@Tylan, your screen is a true work of are, a labor of love so to speak. Did predrill each screw site before you sunk your screws for your string? It looks really good.


Amazing bro… GOOD JOB MAN! I love the way you show us everything (pictures) :joy::+1:


Thanks guys!

Yup :sunglasses:


great job @Tylan,i’ll take two!


So went ahead and reduced the height of the scrog. This more fits inline with what I was planning. Thanks for bringing that to my attention @dbrn32 :slight_smile:. I realized the more I thought about it how you were right about the height vs scrog size. It fits much better this size.

Side by side comparison

After both were reduced and plants put back. I’ve already got the Skywalker getting ready to train.


Looking great. It looks like you really got your stuff together nice. Enjoy your grow. I know I’m enjoying watching. Thx


Thanks @neckNflu! I’m definitely making some mistakes that I’ll talk about in my weekly update on Monday. Nothing major but it’s all lessons learned :sunglasses:. Part of it was due to not having the proper setup such as these stands I just made. I haven’t been able to get any runoff yet lol. These girls are thirstier than I thought. Need a gallon each already and I haven’t been doing that :yum:.


That sounds awesome. I will be looking for that and reading it. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I have to say though it looks like you’re coming along great. Everything looks really nice plants and your setup