May the Force of Blackberry and Amnesia be with you


@Buds007 @Kcdaniels @TxGrowman


Wow those are growing fast. Nice job topping/fimming. Keep it up man!


Out of likes sorry, but they are definitely shooting right up!


@MattyBear @dbrn32 Thanks guys! I’m blown away at the speed of these girls.


It really is amazing to see the day to day changes. It’s like you can almost SEE them growing :nerd_face: My favorite is when you bend a branch over and the next day the tip is pointing straight back up! :sunglasses::seedling:


Well done my friend, they are all looking great, you are doing great on the topping and fimming to


Man they are looking good ! :sunglasses::raised_hands::+1:


Nice job friend… A little question, do you change the light schedule? I see white pistils on AH 2


@M4ur Right? I saw them too. They are also on AH 1. I was just assuming that was a trait of the strain. I just checked and I didn’t order Autos. The light had been on 18/6 haven’t changed it. I guess that’ll be a surprise if they start to flower lol.


I can’t believe how fast they change! I also try not to look at them too much either. There are days I don’t even go down to them lol.


Our Skywalkers look nearly identical. Guess that is really what they look like !

All the others are looking healthy too. Good work.


That’s my friend. Now that I know how to properly FIM I realize how I messed up the one on my last grow. It really is less complicated than it seems.


Yeah they do! They are a gorgeous strain. I might try to monster crop her I haven’t decided.


I couldn’t exactly tell from your previous pictures but when you did your fim did you cut the leading bud site in half? Or more like three quarters? Sometimes I do it and it looks like nothing else grows accept the already establish sites and basically it just ends up sort of being a topping with Goofy leaves growing from the main spot. Thank you for the help and advice. I want it to grow those extra sites like you got


It basically is a top. You should be aiming to top the very top of the stem. It’s hidden inside the be growth so it’s hard to see so you top the new growth with it. You have to be low don’t FIM too high. I made the mistake of doing that on my last grow it didn’t do anything just gave the leaves a trim.

So when you look at this you will see that you’re getting the top growth of the main stem. It’s imperative you top that. That will trigger the four tops.



Oh man thank you so much! That pictures wonderful. I’ve seen one similar to this but with not as much detail. I totally understand what you’re saying I didn’t go low enough into the bud as you mentioned. And like you some of my fimming essentially was just giving the bud a haircut of its leaves. Haha
I appreciate you taking the time to tell me about that. Enjoy your growings and keep up the good work. I appreciate the time and effort


If you don’t change the light schedule, then I think you have a autoflowering strain, just my thoughts and I hope I’m wrong . Sorry


No worries at all :slight_smile:. We’re all here to help each other have a successful grow I’m glad I could :sunglasses:


Lol yup which is going to be annoying. Definitely not supposed to be. But I’ll roll with it.


So I noticed that on my package for my Amnesia Haze the SKU is correct on the paper, but there’s an added “A” on the sticker on the seeds :pensive: I’ve sent an email to customer support to confirm.