May the Force of Blackberry and Amnesia be with you


I suggest tou get exhaust fan for flower tent
If your going to hold off on a exhaust do that in veg room where yiu want higher humidity and temps
Just my opinion
Sorry fir the late reply i just saw the tags seems tiu got the help tou needed tho @Tylan
How are the firls doing
From your pictures everyone looks healthy


Oh my flowering tent is negative pressure’d happy with intake and exhaust fans. I was just skimping on getting that for the veg tent :slight_smile: They seem happy so I’m going to let that lie for now. No worries on late replies :slight_smile: I think we’re good for the time being unless I push them a bit haha but so far so good… I’m really liking the NFTG nutes!


Nice work dude, the girls look fantastic! :+1: :smile:


Tagless update

Topped Amnesia Haze #1 and FIM’d Skywalker OG tonight. Shifted then out from the direct path of the fan and now have Blackberry Kush and Amnesia Haze #2 getting the fan.

Amnesia Haze #1 Top

Skywalker OG FIM

Amnesia Haze #1 (right) has taken the lead!


Good work on that fim! Girls look good bud


Excellent @Tylan they are looking great. I have a haze coming in the mail. So, I’m following along to see how much she stretch’s when it’s time.


Each of the ones I’m growing are showing to be quite different :sunglasses:.


Isn’t that fun? The same but diffent. That’s the uniqueness of them all. @Tylan


Looking good and your babies look very happy


Goes to show you can’t just look at your plants and tell they are from a different strain. Both are Amesia Haze correct? Same strain. Wow. Looks like sisters from a different mother.


Yup same strain and both from the same seed pack. You definitely can’t judge one from another as there are always differences. :sunglasses:


They already bounced back. FIM and top look to be successful.

Skywalker OG [FIM]

Amnesia Haze #1 [Topped]


Nice! :+1: :smile:


Responded really well!


Text Book @Tylan

You’re gonna be able to teach the class!


@Tylan, how many days or nodes before you FIM? Approximately how long after its a seedling? What does FIM mean anyway?



I’m going over to his grow to answer that question


Topped Amnesia Haze #2 and FIM’d Blackberry Kush.

Amnesia Haze #2 [Top]

Blackberry Kush [FIM]


Veg Week 2

There girls are zipping along. Amnesia Haze #1 has shot up since last week. She grew so much that I am going to need to raise the light. Totally didn’t expect to still be in the veg tent. I’m splitting the stem in my flower tent so I should have these girls moved over by next week’s update.

The FIM also appears to have taken on the Blackberry Kush. I’ll know for sure in the next day or two but I’m pretty sure it’s good.

Skywalker OG [FIM]

Blackberry Kush [FIM]

Amnesia Haze #1 [Top]

Amnesia Haze #2


(Blackberry, Amnesia #2, Skywalker, Amnesia #1)

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