May the Force of Blackberry and Amnesia be with you


Lol oh I learned that lesson the hard way last grow :yum:. It’s velcro’d on tight!


I have to use a box fan usually lol


at 15-19 bucks you cannot hardly beat those old box fans!


Haha wow no kidding @BIGE @Hogmaster I paid 30 for two 6" clip-ons! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I just burned out my box fan after a few years of continuous use and regular house used before that. That old box fan was a real trooper. I think I’m going to try some of those 6 inch clip on fans for my little clone /seedling area. I like the one in @Tylan 's picture with the electrical cord. Thanks for sharing everyone. Have a nice morning


Week three update. I’m going to officially start the vegetative phase so this marks week one.

I fed all the girls yesterday and added silica. Amnesia Haze #1 is actually doing a lot better even before I fed with silica. She’s (4.75in) in a race with Skywalker OG (5in) to be the tallest :sunglasses:. I also have a fan on both of them for the time being.

Ignore the white stuff on Amnesia Haze #2. I smeared something with one of the feedings. Think it was the white grease from the water spray.

Skywalker OG

Blackberry Kush

Amnesia Haze #1

Amnesia Haze #2

Veg Tent

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They are looking good :grinning:


Looking delicious.already


Looking really healthy :slight_smile::+1:


Looking good bro!


Strong work @Tylan they look healthy


Don’t we all !

Your plants are looking good ! I have silica that I am adding next week also.


@Tylan, All your pretty pictures makes me want to start my next grow using hydro. You girls are considerably taller and fuller than mine. Fuller? is that a word? You know what I mean.


Excellent start to the races. Awesome grow ahead of you @Tylan


They all look happy and healthy, the soil looks right, the green looks right. I’ll be watching!


Looks awesome! And thank you for the invite. Keep up the good work and enjoy your grow


Thanks all! I’m hoping they don’t mind the veg tent for another couple of weeks. My last flowering plant is taking her sweet time being ready. This tent doesn’t have intake or exhaust (other than passive) going just sone fans inside. I might have to at least buy an exhaust fan but they look happy enough and I’m going to hold off if I can.


I think I understand what you’re saying.
The wife has allowed me one room for my medicine grow in our basement. So that means I find myself having to use a little clone or seedling tent / box until the last of my plants are done and then I can change the grow room around and start the metal halide veg cycle over again etc. So that means unfortunately for about seven or eight weeks I have to juggle keeping little clones or seedlings alive in my little propagation tent area. Its a real juggling act but it can be done.
Good luck and enjoy your growing. Thanks again for the invite