May the Force of Blackberry and Amnesia be with you


Good observation! All worth checking out.


ROFL ya that was me!! My plant almost died…

She looked like this

Now she looks like this



Yes that’s exactly what I was thinking of @Bogleg I just couldn’t remember the name. By the sounds of it she’s toast but I trimmed her starter leaves and buried her a bit. Time will tell. I’ll have to be extra careful going forward.


Whoa!! How’d you save her?


Yeah that!! :point_up_2:


Well I’m in hydro here and I did a couple things

  1. I started a silica feeding to try and strengthen her cell walls.

  2. I had let my top feed go to long so I just turned it off. This doesn’t pertain to you

  3. I let her dry out. I’m a fan of packing soil up the stem to help support it, but I like to tie it up and support it while it’s drying out. Once the stem shows a bit of improvement, then I will take my tie supports off and pack soil in and around the stem for support.


Cool thanks @TDubWilly! I need to look into silica feeding then. I definitely watered the bejesus out of her.


Tagless update. I transplanted all four into the ProMix, vermiculite, perlite mix into 5 gallon fabric pots. Added 5 tablespoons of dolomite to each and mixed in. If Amnesia Haze #1 survives that’ll be great. Need to order silica that probably won’t arrive until Saturday or Sunday. I’m taking out one of flowering plants tomorrow to put in 48hrs of darkness so I’ll be taking a fan from there to use.

Skywalker OG

Blackberry Kush

Amnesia Haze #1 (damping off)

Amnesia Haze #2



i’m thinking you are going to need four more tents for those @Tylan


Hahah yeah @BIGE. They’ll fit ok in my 4x4 tent when it’s free in a couple of weeks :sunglasses:


Out of likes, but the Dolomite lime and a few splashes of silica during veg are something I added by recommendation to fix problems during my first grow. Haven’t left them yet.


Definitely get a fan moving air directly across that stem, but be careful, not so strong as to damage the leaves.
I pruned some lower leaves so the fan would have a little more space to work it’s magic.
If you could concentrate a small fans wind directly on it would be best.


This is why I love this forum The members that hop in and help people so awesome looks like you have been covered my friend and have done everything I would’ve told you to do awesome thank you everyone


6 inch clip on fan too much? That’s what I got currently to use. It’s two speed.


I agree @Hogmaster! This forum and the caliber of people here are bar none. Thanks all for the assistance!!


That’s perfect. I think you caught it early.


I dunno, try it and “listen” to your plant in what she thinks about it.

I say this because I have several 6" clip on fans and all of them move different amounts of air around


Fair enough @TDubWilly. Let’s see how she likes this she’s wobbling but not too crazy so I think I got a good amount on her.


Yeah I hope so! If not it’s a lesson learned so not all that wasteful. :+1:


@Tylan clip on fan is great, but zip tie it to a pole, so it can’t fall!