May the Force of Blackberry and Amnesia be with you


This go around I’m going to be growing four plants. Two will be in a ScrOG (Amnesia Haze) and two will not be (Skywalker OG and Blackberry Kush).

Prepped the shot glasses with distilled water that I let sit out for five hours to get closer to room temperature. Put a single drop off 3% Hydrogen Peroxide in each. They are on a heating mat on top of my fridge.

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On a whim to becoming hooked
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Trichomes shots with my new microscope
Leaves curling up?



And all tucked in


When they geminate they will be placed in my veg tent that has four 100 watt Phillips Daylight Deluxe CFLs ready and waiting:


Good luck. Interested in how that blackberry does. Got some seed coming but I got a ways to go.


Thanks @Smokin_ernie :sunglasses: been itching to plant that and Skywalker since I got them last month. I have another month on my other grow so hopefully I didn’t jump the gun too much :yum:


i’m jelly those are two great strains! @Tylan right down my alley! esp,blackberry.


Yeah I’m really excited about the blackberry. That one really piqued my interest!


Definitely going to follow along, have 2 of these strains on my wishlist (skywalker and blackberry). You should just be getting close to done when I am ready to start back up. So your results will determine if I get these seeds or not :face_with_raised_eyebrow::rofl:


Best of luck!


My blackberry just popped Her prettly little head out, im dying for this one


All out of likes as usual, but I’ve set this to watching. @Tylan


Good luck :crossed_fingers:


Hey man on to better things huh? I will be watching closely, almost purchased the Skywalker the other day. But the crystal and gold leaf were calling me like …
Good luck bud


Thanks all for the well wishes on this grow. Definitely going to push me to my limits but that’s fine :sunglasses:. Once these ladies geminate they’ll be going into holey solo cups with promix. My NOTG nutes arrive today so I’ll have them available when I do need them.

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I’ll be growing a blackberry Kush my next grow but I am going to SCROG it. Definitely will keep an eye on this grow. I am also going to grow an amnesia haze auto next grow.


Yeah I will most likely ScrOG the blackberry in another grow. Just going to FIM her this go around. Definitely tag me in when you get going!


Woohooo @Tylan. Away we go…


Is that a little tail I see Mrs Skywalker :sunglasses: