May 8th Germination

It’s been upper 70’s this past week with some rain, the lows are lower 60’s upper 50’s. But it’s Michigan lol It should be a consistent 80 in three weeks with upper 60-70 for the lows.

Hey everyone update on the plants. (Day16)

  • Yellow spot hasn’t spread :+1:
  • first set of leaves (cotyledons right?) are yellowing

But I do have concerns about these three plants:

I’m pretty sure I overwatered this lady this morning. Every other plant is fine but she’s drooping. I figured it would be pretty warm (85 outside today), I was worried about them struggling with it being warmer indoors today around 81.

On this one and one other, I noticed shiny like spots on them. (No bugs And isnt sticky or anything.)

This third plant is the only plant that has leaves curling like that. The temperature has been nearly consistently 79 with 50rh with two fans on them. One fan blowing down air on them and another to blowing the light heat away. (My 150w doesn’t have an exhaust port.)

Anyone have any advice? @raustin @Growit


It isn’t too hot for them, as long asit stays below 85. I think they need to be transplanted into something bigger, that should fix them up.


Any advice on transplanting? My soil seems very dry and loose and I’m afraid it will just fall apart. @raustin

If they have good root balls it shouldn’t fall apart, but you can wet the soil first to help hold it together.

So I transplanted them today into 2.5 gallon pots. All of the roots look good to me.
A couple were a tad smaller than this one though.

I’m noticing the second set of leaves (not cotyledons) on a few of them are turning yellow.

There is another plant that the tips are getting brownish. Cotyledons on this one are turning yellow and withering.

It’s super Mcdroopy and sad looking today.

Could these be symptoms of lack of nutrients?(minus mcdroopy) maybe from the transplant? Am I completely crazy? I feel like a new father of 10 children.

What soil did you transplant them into? That last guy look a little dry, but they should perk up by tomorrow, it’s just some transplant shock.

I put them into the same Black and Gold. I haven’t watered them yet, how much water should I use now that they’re in the one gallon?

Maybe a half a liter for now. Just don’t overwater. :slightly_smiling_face:

Transplant asap they are root bound

Errf a derrf
Sorry you are on it and have some great growers with great advice

Hey all, what nutrients should I get? I’m going to the grow shop and I don’t want them to sell me just anything. I’ve been seeing the fungus gnats should I just go ahead and get some DE? I’ve seen maybe three this morning.
@raustin @Growit

If you’re seeing fungus gnats then yes, get some DE. As far as nutrients, there are a lot of good nutrient lines. Personally, I use Foxfarm and I love it, but Advanced Nutrients is also good, basically anything except Miracle Grow is fine.

Fox farms is what I plan to go with, I just don’t know exactly what I need to get from them.

You really only need the three main Foxfarm nutes, so get Big Bloom, Grow Big, and Tiger Bloom. That will get you through the entire grow.

I put DE on them on Tuesday night, what’s the best way to water them now that there’s a layer of powder over the soil? Can I just water over top?

@Viktor7 @Sasquatch @raustin @Growit

The first set of spear tipped leaves look like they’re burnt/dying, but no other leaves on the plant are doing this. Is this normal? I’ve been doing research (3-4 week plants like mine) and it appears to me that the new leaves are pulling the nutrients from the older leaves. Also comparing to others some have the leaves still and others don’t, do those leaves typically fall off over time? The cotyledons look like they’re about to shed soon.


The cots will die off, yes. The other leaves, however, should not die off. Are you feeding her yet?


I have not, should I start? I thought that maybe it could be a Potassium deficiency but there is only one dot on one. @raustin

If the feeder leaves have died off then there is nothing to feed her, so yes, it’s time to start feeding some nutes.