May 8th Germination

Hi all!
This is my first medicinal grow, I have five GG #4 and five Strawberry Cough, I germinated and planted into red solo cups on May 8th.

Soil Type- Black Gold (.05-0-0)
Ph level for water- Between 6.2 and 6.4
Temperature- between 72-82 Farehnheit
Humidity- 35-50%

Keeping the spot cool has been a struggle, I originally had them in a plastic storage bin with a clamp light on it (1600 Lumen 5K LED Par Lamp), but noticed they were beginning to stretch, so moved them to the closet under a 150W HPS and they seem to be doing well.
My plan is to transplant them to one gallon pots before moving them to an outdoor grow area at 36’ x 6’ x 10’ when they are around a foot tall. The weather here in Michigan has been on the colder side so I’m trying to wait for it to become reliably warm.
I believe I am on the right track as of right now to insure that I can grow enough medicine but if anyone has any advice, comments and answers to my below questions, I would be grateful.

As of today (5/19) I know I should be adding nutrients in very soon but I’m still unclear when, what and how much.
I also am in need of clarification of how wet the soil should be at this time of growth. I’m being overly cautious and haven’t drenched the soil in fear of over-watering, instead I have been lightly spraying them periodically through the day/night.
I’ve been told to stick with Black and Gold Soil for the 2.5 gallon transplant but I’ve read that a lot of people use Fox Farm OF.

This first picture is 5/11/18


The second picture is 5/16/18

The third picture is 5/17/18


The fourth picture is 5/19/18


No you should not be adding any nutes
Just pHed water
Just mist them and the soil with a spray bottle for a while
In about a week you will need to transplant them as they will get root bound fast
They look pretty good


You do not need nutes till the tiny round leaves fall off
That black gold soil has plenty of nutrients in it
Less is more when it comes to nutes
You seem to be on the right track keep up the good work and welcome to the community

Try not to transplant them too many times as they can get stressed out
If you can skip the 1 gallon pots and put them in thier forever home on transplanting


You’re off to a great start, and your seedlings look good. You’re doing it right, just mist them with some water when they look dry. No nutes for a while, when you see those first, round feeder leaves start to yellow, you can start feeding.

I’m a big believer in transplanting up a few times, it helps to keep them from being overwatered and you can get runoff much earlier than if you plant in a large pot right away. Also, the soil you’re using is just fine. You can certainly switch to Foxfarm if you like, but it’s not necessary. Good luck with your grow, and if you need help feel free to tag me.


Thank you so much, I’m very happy to be a part of it. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much, my plan is to go from solo’s to one gallons, then to 55 gallon barrels cut in half (roughly 25 gallons). Am I going to shock them too much between transplanting that many times and moving them from indoor to outdoor?
Also to @Growit

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I noticed a yellow dot on one of the leave, could it be heat/humidity related? I’ve had my light about 15 inches away until yesterday when I noticed the leaves looking a little wrinkled and moved it to 18 inches.

That sounds like a good plan. No, transplanting up is not too stressful, they’ll be fine. When you want to put them outside, just harden them off first by giving them a few hours outside each day for about a week. Then they’ll be ready to stay outdoors.


No your gonna be just fine you are certainly on the right track
They are gonna love the barrels

And follow @raustin advice she is very experienced and her plants are always so beautiful
Can’t go wrong buddy happy growing and welcome to the community we are happy to have you!!


No you won’t but give them plenty of time to recover before transplanting. I suggest you go in one gallon until plants hit 12-14 inches. Its plenty of space in 1 gal. to actually accommodate entire grow but I would only do 2 transplants 1. solo to gal.
2. gal. To 25 gal. Don’t touch again. I would also try to veg. Plants longer before placing outdoors. 3 month veg. Gives you trees.

Could this be leaf septoria? It’s a small yellow dot toward the end of the leaf. But It’s the only spot I have seen so far. My humidity was pretty low for a couple day (mid 30s) with temps around 82-84. I’ve since then, added another fan and a humidifier. (Currently sitting at 65RH and 75F) during the dark cycle. (18/6) any ideas? @raustin @Growit

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3months indoor veg? Oh goodness! I’m a first time grower, but sounds to me they’ll be trees before they get outdoors. I wish I had the indoor space. :blush: I do however, have the ability to cover/wind block my outdoor grow area so they can be pretty well protected from weather if need be. I was thinking once they get to be 1-1.5’ tall I will start to climatize.

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Yall are too kind… I usually toss mine out the door. I do wait till inside temp and outside temp are with in about 10 degrees.

what are your out side temps like hi/lows ?

Today is 83° in 46%RH. LAST 3days its been 80°+@100% humidity. Stuff loves falling warm water. However the thunderstorms will beat on the plants.

I wouldn’t worry about one small spot on a leaf. If it starts spreading, you can worry, but for now it’s probably nothing. Can i see a pic?

@raustin It’s small and the picture doesn’t do justice of the color but it is yellow. It’s the only one though.

Relax, it’s nothing to worry about. It’s a living thing, it will get spots and things. Don’t you have spots? Keep an eye on it, and if it starts to spread let me know and we’ll take care of it, but I don’t think it’s anything right now.