MaxGrows Gorilla Glue Auto

Hey folks, this is my first grow and my first grow journal. I’m starting this about a week after my plant popped out of the ground, so playing a bit of catch up. Here we go, starting with the ingredients…

Seeds: ILGM Gorilla Glue Autoflower. Bought the 10 pack, soaked 3 in water for 24 hours, then planted, 1 popped.

Vessels: solo cup, 2 gal fabric pot (probably going to ditch this for a 3 gal)

Soil: For the solo cup stage I am using Miracle Grow’s organic care, though I plan to switch to Fox Farms Happy Frog when i transplant. Also have Perlite, plan to have 25% mix when I transplant as well.


Nutes: General Hydroponics FloraGrow, Bloom and Micro. Plan on starting these once I transplant, roughly around week 3 above ground, the soil i’m using has enough nutes for the first few weeks. Also have CalMag that I plan to start around Day 14.


I’m working in a 2x2 tent, have a basic fan and “vent” if you call it that, figured I wouldn’t need much given the 150w LED isn’t too hot. Temp stays between 75-82, RH is between 22-27.


We’re 7 days out of the ground here in the morning. I’ve been watering only when the soil is dry on top and the cup feels light (shoutout to @Hellraiser for the tip). I even weighed it initially just to double check. Watered twice so far, once every 3-4 days.


@Hellraiser @NeoGroR @Chasfitter

Enjoyed reading your guy’s thoughts - hoping you can help me down the road (even more than you already have)



Hey @maxgrow gonna tag along if ya don’t mind.

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Sure thing, welcome to the journal, the more the merrier

Day 8 out of the ground, took this photo this morning. Looks like we did a bit of growing overnight. Cup still feels a bit heavy, I’ll hold off watering today probably, though might check again this evening.

Light at about 45% of 150w and 22 inches above the top of the plant.

77F / 25RH


Your plant would likely grow a little faster if you could get rh up. Otherwise things are looking great!


Hey, thanks for the feedback - I’m not familiar with ‘getcrh up’ what is that?


@dbrn32 ^

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Ha, sorry! Should look better now.

lol, got it, thanks!

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Watching, looking good so far.

Lots of easy ways to up humidity a bit:

  1. run a humidifier in the room the tent is in
  2. put a bucket of water in the tent with a air pump and air stone
  3. put a bucket or pitcher of water in the tent with a towel hanging down into it acting as a wick

While I’m not much of a fan of new growers trying to follow the high humidity in VPD charts, which can cause more problems than they solve (powdery mildew and bud rot in late flowering), your plants and you would feel better with the humidity at least around 40RH.


This is really helpful, thank you! I was debating whether or not to run a humidifier - I think i’m going to give some of the homeopathic solutions a shot first, starting with #3 and moving up the list. Thanks again!

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Yeah I’m using that method #3 in my veg tent now as the home heating system is killing my humidity this time of year, using a 1 gallon pitcher and a 2’x3’ towel hanging down into it, keeps my RH in the 45-55 range, works great, I just add a couple cups of water every day to keep the pitcher topped off, and switch out or wash the towel every few days so it doesn’t get moldy.


Perfect, I’m all over it! Thanks!!

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Question, do you have drain holes in the bottom of the cups to allow drainage and prevent root rot?

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Yep, I cut three ‘slots’ on the bottom edge of the cup.

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Well, looks like I’m running into the first couple of hurdles. Last night I watered her and I think it was a bit too soon. She began to droop and is still a bit droopy this morning. Also there’s now a slight brown spot on one of the leaves. I think I can probably fix that by introducing CalMag, 3ml/gal, the next time I water. To solve the overwatering I’m simply going to wait for the cup to be completely dry before watering again.

@dbrn32 @Hellraiser am I right in thinking CalMag can solve that spot issue?


I also tried out the bucket/towel wick idea of Hellraisers, got the RH up to 30, I think I need to adjust it a bit to get the RH up even more. Temp in the above photo still at 77F.

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