Maui Wowie Strain

Greetings. I’m looking at the sale on Maui Wowie for Memorial Day and had a question or two about the strain before I make an order here in ILGM.

This strain has been around since my college days, plus it was all over the place in Hawaii when I was in the Navy. Unfortunately we got drug tested so I didn’t partake.

I have a 5’7" tall indoor tent, so I figure I’ll need to top, fimm and scrog the plant to control the height for the tent. From what I’ve read, the effects are real nice and relaxing which makes me want to try this strain.

Anyone have experience with Maui Wowie to help me decide if I want to drop the cash on the sale…10 plus 10 free is decent since I haven’t seen this strain on sale at ILGM til now. Any advice is welcomed!


@MattyBear or @Myfriendis410


@MattyBear has grown it so let’s see what he says.

Good height management shouldn’t be too hard and you can grow some decent plants in that height.


I grew a Maui in a 2x2x4 tent and used a Scrog. Great strain that smells great and it’s a good Sativa high


Thumbs up @MattyBear. I just placed an order…sounds like a strain I’ll be fond of.

Thanks to all!!


Cool deal…payment for Maui Wowie just processed so the seed deal went thru successfully.

This strain is one of the “oldie goldie” favorites from years past, so I’m looking for a successful grow. Real excited to try this one for sure!


I hope you like the strain :grin: that’s one i have not gotten yet or tried.


Send me a PM


Maui Wowie now that’s a strain that deserves a permanent place in my tent. I cloned it, but I don’t think I cloned enough. @MT3 Its probably one of the best strains I’ve tried, but haven’t tried a lot.


Love to hear that kind of A+ review @Covertgrower! I know it gets tall as with most sativa strains, so I’ll do some training to keep it under control in my 5’7" tent.

If the order gets here quickly, I may pop a bean or two and let it grow outside. I should have time since we don’t usually get a frost til mid to late Nov.


@MT3 It stretched about 20% of its height. Wasn’t anything crazy for me, but I also don’t know your lighting set up.
It smells unbelievably awesome. Tastes even better vaped. I’ll keep this one around for sure.
Might even drop another bean to see what phenotype I end up with and compare the two.


It would be cool to do a simultaneous grow with Maui Wowie. If you have the inclination and the tent space, we can sure work out a plan. No hurry - got my hands full with a plant in the tent now plus multiples outdoors. Might be fun to do a side by side picture share and do a “joint” grow journal. Pun intended!


We can do that no problem. I’ll can try and plan it out a bit to be coordinated with you.


This will be a fun grow. I met @missiles (way back when) as we both popped a bean on the same day and followed each other’s grow journals. We learned a lot together and continue to share new ideas and strains.

In fact, I am planning to send her a couple of the Maui Wowie beans for her to try. If we can all get some free tent space, it would be interesting to share a 3-way grow and look at the plants growth patterns and phenotype. This may also be a great way to see how soils and nutes impact the growth of the same strain.

I’m currently in a 2x2 (5’7") with a 135W HLG QB. After this current auto Northern Light grow in the tent now, I have a new 2x4 Gorilla with a much taller roof and a 320W (3 panel) HLG QB waiting to be set up. If all goes ok, I’ll get this tent ready and Maui Wowie will be my first grow in the new tent. Lets see what our time lines look like…no hurry on my part.

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I’m open, I can start from a bean or clones. I have either available. Is it cheating from clone?? lol.
Is this a mandatory soil grow? Or is hydro acceptable?
My lighting is the Rapid LED Kit for the 4X4
Cree COB’s CXB3590 90CRI up to 817W.
Edit: you are on the dank side @MT3… We could move this there if you’d like… or keep it fun here. What do you think @Missiles?
Check on the dank side.

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I’m on the dank side same name. @missiles is too so we’ll look for you there.

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So, It’s morning in Broken Arrow, OK and I just came inside from my drinking coffee & smoking Maui Wowie. Get it. I had to look hard to find a dispensary that carried it. I’m glad I did. After all the tax, I think I paid $155 for 1/2 ounce. Hope you had a good Memorial Day!


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Glad to see another Okie here @MEDIJUANA.
Maui Wowie is my favorite morning strain. Fortunately ILGM had it in a mix pack when I placed my first order along with LA Confidential (my favorite put me to bed strain) and NYC Diesel. I haven’t been in a dispensary in months. I now have six strains to choose from.

So happy to find another Okie. Isn’t legalization just lovely? Knowing wha† you’re actually getting rather than what you’re told you are getting. Never worrying about getting arrested. Peace of mind. So nice. I will have more strain reviews posted soon. NYC Diesel is one of those strains. I† won’t be much longer. I appreciate your response. Stay stoned, my friend. Stay stoned.

@MT3 how did it go, the sale is here again and I want to try the strain, switching from autos to photos. Let me know