Maui Wowie photo in 5-gal grow bag in 2x4 tent - need soil advice

Hi all, I’ll be getting my Maui Wowie seeds in a few days, and am going to grow two of them in 5-gallon grow bags using SCROG in my 2x4x60" tent. I usually make my own soil but it’s typically off the cuff and usually stuff that I use for tomatoes and peppers and other veggies outside.

Since I have such a small indoors grow planned, I am fine with spending stupid money on good soil right from the start. I have a couple options near me: Fox Farms and Coast of Maine. And even among those two vendors there is a wide variety of soils.

So, what soils do I need to buy for my complete grow? Also, if it matters, I use a lot of fish emulsion and kelp extract, so I’ve got that stuff around the yard, but I am also OK with getting cannabis-specific fertilizers like the stuff that FF sells.

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I mix my own soil.

4 parts coco coir
1 part composted manure/worm castings
1 part perlite

Seedlings and rooted clones go in this for the first month. On transplant, I amend the soil with Happy Frog dry amendments. I top dress once a month with the occasional tea.


Thanks. I actually have all those things on hand. I was going to plant my seeds right into the 5-gallon bags but maybe I should get them started (after germination) in the coir mix for a month.

I use quart sized bags for my seedlings/clones.

Then those get popped into a larger home with amended soil.

I like fabric pots. I have even popped those into larger pots and the roots grew through.

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What are those quart-sized bags? That looks like a really risk-free way to transplant, or “up-plant” I guess.

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So I found these, which look like yours.

Do the roots really grow through? The fabric is truly bio-degradeable? I found that this same claim for the little peat “pods” is not 100% true. On two plants that I started in those little pods, and uprooted later, there was still a significant degree of fabric remaining that did indeed seem to constrict some of the roots.

Or is it the case that the fabric does not really degrade, BUT the roots do indeed grow through to the surrounding soil?

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I believe @Not2SureYet uses those same ones.

bio-degradable eventually.



And yes.

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