Maui-Wowie on west coast


Anyone growing Maui-Wowie on the west coast? I’ve been wanting to try it as it’s about 80% Sativa and 20% Indica. I like Indica and white widow has given me the type of high I prefer and taste pretty good, but I do feel it’s a bit too woody in flavor to be the best tasting.

The other strain I’ve been interested in is Jack Herer, as it’s an energetic high from what I have read, but it’s a 60/40 split on Sativa/Indica.

I also see that Bergman came out with Gold Leaf as a new strain and it looks similar to the White Widow. Because of that I decided to try Maui-Wowie over both Jack Herer or Gold Leaf mainly as I would like to try something Sativa dominant and see if that changes my preference. White Widow is a great high and I still have seeds for next year at least. I’m going to germinate 3 Maui-Wowie seeds. I bought 5 more 25 gallon planters. Oh, that’s one more factor, I’m using the 25 gallon plastic planters, and the cloth planters were about the same price, and are said to breath air better, so thinking I need to mix the Emerald Builder with the Big Rootz to be safe, or just use the Emerald Builder in smaller planter for the beginning of the grow. Since the plastic planters have the holes at the bottom, I rely on drainage and air to be able to filtrate from the top of the soil.

Any thoughts? If not, smoke a bit and come back! :smirk:


Next time go with gold leaf. Obviously these plants effect us all differently but everybody that hits this gold leaf wants more. Great yields and great smoke. Just harvested 5oz from a 1gallon pot grow. My last 5 gallon pot grow yielded 12oz. Just a great strain and will always be in my seed vault.

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I will definitely consider it for the next season, but since I only grow outdoors it requires a lengthy season. How would you base it against white widow? Have you grown ww in the past?

And what about taste? Does it have that piney type woody flavor? I always seem to taste a hint of that in ww. I sometimes wish it was sweeter and less piney. Even so, I do like ww even given the specific flavor, it has so much resin in it I have to clean my pipe ever day or 2 at the most. When I smoke a Proto-Pipe I would estimate I would clean only about once a week. So a traditional tobacco style pipe is quite a bit more work in my experience. Rolling for me is the best flavor, it has the least amount of residue or foul taste. With ww I can literally blow resins out of the bowl after 1 day, where it just builds up and if I take the stem off the bowl, I can blow on the bowl and resin blows out on a paper towel. Similar with the stem, if I start blowing I’ll get a brown spot on the paper towel.

You have a good point on the 1 gallon planters, I would guess there would be a windfall crop by using 25 x 1 gallon planters/plants, that the overall crop could be larger. In that regard larger planters probably don’t make sense, but with the current law the way it is, and only legally being able to have 6 seedlings or plants, is a huge limitation…cause 25 plants would be way over if the LEOs wanted to push the issue. This means if they have a reason, and for whatever reason, they can issue a violation and that is a felony I believe. Today is monumental with roe v wade, now I wish Harris would do about the only thing I believe she is useful for, and that is to de-schedule cannabis at the Fed level. If that happens there will be a lot of grants and research going on that will only help everyone. Some need medical, some like me only want recreation. Both needs are different…


I’m growing some Jack H. Ive never smoked any but so far the plants prowess is impressive. Not sure about the yields, hopefully they’ll be overlarge. Started one Maui Wowie late in the season for us- may 1st. Will see how it goes. I will always chase any strain like the Hawaiian bud of the early 80s. If I ever find it I’ll keep it going forever. I am partial to Sativa’s.

As for the grow bags this season is the first I’ve used them. 25 and 30 gal I dug a couple inches down and around the footprint of the bags, filled it with compost so she’ll have something good once the roots poke through the bags. So far so good. This one is not jack H but you get the idea from the pic. Another great Sativa dominant strain is Chocolope. If you have the space and long enough dry season it is a winner outdoors.

I’m sure you’ll be happy with the JackH, I’ve never heard anything bad about it and it is definitely on my bucket list. He sure helped the cannabis cause a lot…so did Eddie Lepp, both were good friends with each other. Ironically I bought a piece of property in Lake County in 2000, and Eddie Lepp was arrested in 2004 (Upper Lake), but I never knew as I avoided the 215s like the plague, I never liked the idea of registering with the State. Lepp’s non-profit was based around the 215. California was a pioneer with the 215 (Medical), which IMO is just politics for me. I have always claimed to be a recreational smoker.

I have smoked Indica based for so many years, I need to validate my thoughts on my preference being Sativa, but Indica dominant strains were grown as the lattitude is similar to Afghanistan. If you google “lattitude mendocino”, “lattitude humbolt” and “lattitude afghanistan” you’ll see what I mean.

This is to say why there is little if any Sativa growing in the Emerald Tri. Also, Indica typically yields more, so a good majority of growers opted for Indica strains as I understand it. Now that we can grow I want to test some Sativa dominant, just like you. I’m growing outdoors so I have until October (once I get the seeds).

Weed Seeds has Acapulco Gold. I’d like to get some of that also, but next year I might try JackH and AG. I have to grow at least a couple White Widow just on principal.

Those Hawaiian sinsemilla strains like Maui-Wowie were in the early days. As I kid I thought Hawaii was heaven…they had some of the best waves in the world and some of the best smoke. Irony is that today Hawaii is not very friendly to cannabis. Not sure why, couldn’t be due to the surfers…life don’t work like that when your at the beach! LOL

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I’ll look into the Acapulco Gold for next year, thanks. I think most younger people under 35 seem to prefer indica. Many probably don’t have experience with sativa and like the narcotic effect of Indica. Life being shitty for many people it certainly helps to ease the pain. For me the only time I’m in the mood for indica is if I’m in hardcore physical pain. It is the last resort as I’ve learned other ways to manage it. Like avoiding the shit that causes it.

De-criminalizing MJ at the federal level is the only thing the FedGuv has any business doing. Anything else, from congress or the executive will be more grift and graft for the lawyers and lobbyists. At this point they waited to long, they fiddled around building up a prison complex for a simple plant. I think now it is a states rights issue, just like Roe, let every state decide and give everyone a choice. People will go where they feel they fit in. I used to envy Ca with the 6 plants for personal but there were still restrictive things about your law. Either we are free to grow a plant for our own benefit or we are not.

Looks like I forgot the pic last night. I was kind of high so this is a nice sativa. ILGM seed grown Chocolope. She should start flowering preety soon. She’s a late finisher though as I grew some last year and it wasn’t done until October.

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