Maui Wowie indoor grow - scrogging question

Hi all, I am doing my first indoor grow. Two 2’x2’x60" tents with 2000w LEDs, one from Sonofarms, one from Vivosun. I rehabilitated a White-Widow that was sickly when I got the first tent, and now that it’s finished, I am doing my first indoor grow in the tent from start to finish. One tent has Granddaddy Purple, which I just sprouted yesterday, the other tent has two Maui Wowie, which is the subject of this posting.

I germinated them in water on October 28, tails sprouted within a day and a half, and I planted them in coir / worm castings / perlite in a cup the next day.

I transplanted them into 7-gallon grow bags with Fox-Farms Ocean Forest on November 11.

Now they look like this in the pics below. Compared to other plants I’ve grown this year, there is almost no inter-nodal spacing. This seems to be a known thing with this strain, so I’m not worried.

But I am going to do a SCROG, because I need to keep these lower than they would normally grow, because of the 60" tall tent (low-ceiling basement).

I made a screen with PVC and elastic netting. It will be 24" off the floor or 18" above the soil level. Now I am wondering when I should top them, to encourage branching. I am pretty sure I have a good idea on the rest of it, and there’s so, so many postings here with pics and advice (sometimes it’s like drinking form a fire-hose), but I was hoping somebody who has scrogged Maui Wowie can help me with that bit, again, when to pinch out the top to get some more lateral growth.

Or do I need to do that at all???

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That does look pretty tightly spaced! Jeez… especially for a Sativa strain like MW

Try lifting your light a bit higher, or turning down the intensity. Less light = more stretch usually.

@oldmarine uve been everywhere this week lol. We gotta stop running into each other like this


I usually top at the 3rd or 4th node. You can top them as soon as the next node (4th or 5th) shows. You can also let it go a bit and take the top as a clone.

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Here are my 2 maui. last grow I only topped them. this time I topped and SCROG. These are 63 days from sprout


Thanks for the pictures. I’m a “visual thinker”, so this helps a lot.


These plants are really dense. The light is about 18" above the plants if that matters.

Here’s the timeline so far:

Germinated in water, sprouted tails 10.28.
Planted into 50% coir, 50% worm-castings / perlite in small cups 10.28.
Transplanted into 7-gal bags with FFOF and put into tent 11.14.
Pinched the tops out 11.26.
Also changed to 24 hours light that same day.

I’m intending to SCROG these once they get tall enough. Meanwhile will be bending the shoots over and typing loosely with twine to holes punched in the grow-bag fabric.

But in the meantime should I be thinning them out below-deck? They are just so daggone dense underneath.