Maui Wowie in flower- Can someone look at these trichome photos

I’m behind in flower time and running into a harvest deadline before I travel next month. Can someone let me know thoughts on whether the trichomes are cloudy and how much longer should i wait?



No pictures grow bro, we’d love to take a look.

wow-- sorry! upload was slow and i forgot to come back

here’s the second set of 5 photos


Hi there-

I just uploaded the photos. Sorry for the brain fart!

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Those are sugar leaves. The trichomes (crystals) on sugar leaves mature much faster than on the actual flower. You have weeks to go, I’m guessing. There is also an abundance of white pistils in the photos leading me to think the same. Do you have a pic or two of the whole plant, and some individual bud close ups??


Thanks for the feedback! Ok, so i’m going to have a harvest problem… Here’s a photo of a couple of the plants Maui Wowie plants


Do you have pics of the whole plant?

Your pistils in those photos are still very white. You’ve got a good bit before harvest. When you scope for trichs make sure you look at the buds themselves, not the sugar leaves. Like said above, those trichs on the sugar leaves will mature faster than the ones on the buds.

We’re here to help in any way buddy. :call_me_hand:t2:

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It wont get you high if you harvest too soon. Listen to these guys. I am watching mine rippen for the first time also and it can be a little tricky knowing right when to harvest. It takes a few weeks. Just be patient.


@chrisacker85 pics didn’t load grow bro! A good way to know to start checking trichomes, is by watching the white hairs go red. Wehn you’re at about 70% red hairs on the whole plant, check your trichs. Remember to check the buds and not the little sugar coated leaves sticking out of them. Here’s a chart that helped me my first few harvests…


Hi again all,

Do you think it’s close to harvest for these guys? Trichomes look cloudy to me?



Good plan, soon, just not yet (too much white stalks)

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