Maui 30 days in and on track


Been growing for over 40 yrs but this is my first inside grow…Really enjoyin it. Maui Waui 30 days since flip



How do you like Maui Wowie. I’d gotten a couple requested for this lady.



One of my favorites some 30+ yrs ago hopeing it is the same LUV the flavor. Used to get in can that said 1oz.Maui coconut flakes on it. Similar to a tuna can open it up and Whalla!!! Enjoy the Buzz uplifting



It is spectacular! Really good taste and smell and that head high of the Sativa is solid!



How’s the growing of it. Isn’t that the beast you Scrogged and it looked like a bonsai tree??

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I did Scrog the Maui and got almost 6 ounces out of my 2x2 with a 100w led strip light :wink::v::bear:

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I guess that’s pretty good :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Was that dry ounces Matty?

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Yeah @Hungrybud, it ended up at 5.89 ounces :v::bear:

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Thats a great outcome, did you do a journal on that grow by any chance, and what does the Maui smoke like?

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Yeah I did. I can tag you into the thread and you can scroll to the beginning. Pretty sure all info is in there and if you have any other questions let me know :v::bear:



Great thanks

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Chance you can share thread …like to see

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I was growing on Maui as a teenager in the 80s and “Maui Wowie” was anything grown there. Name was highjacked.
Everyone I knew was growing a strain of afghan/indica not even a sativa
Later there was Hashbud that’s a hybrid sativa/Indica that was big on Oahu but never really made it to Maui
“Just my take on it, was a long time ago”

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Here you go :wink:



Back then any Sinsamelia could pass…my enjoyment tasted just like pineapple and was so light and did you see my comment came in a can marked premium coconut flakes. A friend of mine visited the Islands back in 70’s and was able to get some seed. Back then genetics was something we all developed and sometimes not even knowing a strain …just what seemed to be better than others



We were completely clueless then, didn’t even understand why we got 5" plants with nothing but 1 bud on top one grow.
Back in the 70s and 80s it was so much different everyone just had bikes no one even owned a car.
Lived and loved Oahu after moving from Maui, spent may there this last year and don’t think I will ever go back.
Going to Hilo next year maybe i’ll like it there

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Been 8 days since last Pic



!2 days since last pic



That is a great post. How tall did the Maui grow to? I am growing a Maui and a Durban Poison. So far I am only 2 weeks old in my growing. I hope to have a similar result. Thanks for sharing.