Maturity trouble

I recently grew 8 Gorilla Glue Autos. I had a rocky start with the lights and seedlings. Two stretched (light too far) and 2 got squashy and super bushy (light too close). Six harvested okay. The stretched ones were just a lot taller than the 4 right ones. My question is this. Two are at the said harvest time and they are big beautiful bushy green plants with hundreds of immature bud sights. Will these mature or stay small. They are not sticky and have no odor. Could they still mature?

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They will mature. I assume you are gauging harvest time by the strain info.

Each plant is an individual. Example, while most kids in my family lineage are walking by 1 years old, a few children don’t start until 1.5-2 years, and some start at 6 months(just an example to illustrate my point).

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It didn’t happen without photographs lol. (In natural light please)


I’ll let them grow on then. Thanks