MattyBear’s Dual Purpose Tent


You can turn it off if you want to, but I’ve left it on my last three or four grows and haven’t seen any issues (assuming I would’ve been smart enough to notice them anyway).


yeah no doubt thats why I was asking you seem to have your stuff straight.:wink:


I’ve been faking it until I make it, and mostly it’s been working out. :wink:


hey @MattyBear u use solo cups for your small plant grows, right? what is your pot(container) sequence for getting small plants out?
right now mine is solo, 3 gal, 5 gal. but i think that might not be realistic for trying to do a 4 to 6 week veg cycle. it is quite possible that i could fill out the 3 gal pot i put my girls in 8 days ago but i don’t think so. would it be better to go solo to 1 gal to 5 gal (going to the 5 gallon week or two before flowering. i guess what i’m asking is will a 1 gallon pot last for 4 to 6 weeks? or should i be doing solo to 2 to 5?


I usually do rapid rooters to solo cups for a week or so, then to one or two gallon pots and then into 3-5 gallon pots. Give them about two weeks after transplanting into the final pot and then you should be good to flower. All in all, that should take around 6 weeks :v::bear:

Monk's first try

i was going to try to do “little” plants this first time but it looks like i should just experiment with the two seedlings i have this time and try to get the little plants going for the super skunk on second grow, thanks for insight! @MattyBear


If your timeline is thrown off, just veg for a little while longer. You’ll get the hang of veg times and when to transplant with the more experience you gain growing :v::bear:


i think i’m going to call it “surrendering to what your plants are doing” instead of trying to force a plan on them until i get more experienced… the good thing is i will have lots of pot lol thanks
i copied your pot plan to my thread so i would have it.


Little update. Here’s the 6 in the 3x3 area. Gonna veg for a couple more weeks and then might flower all 6 in the 3x3. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And the 4 ILGM seedlings in solo cups and the Tsi Fly and Fruity Pebbles regulars in the bigger pots. :v:


Looking good @MattyBear.
I noticed you have the same issue with the dividing wall of your tent. Mine bows inward a good 4" into the flower room. I’m thinking of using a sheet of foam board to divide the rooms. Did you have any light leak problems with the divider?


I used flex seal in the flower side of the tent on the sides and top. I do notice it pulls in with negative pressure. The section underneath will be veg section too so I’m not too worried about light leaks as long as the flower and veg divider doesn’t have leaks in it. I’m about to ditch the tents altogether and frame in a space for growing :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Looking good @monkman :+1:


i am very sorry @MattyBear. i have removed my pictures from here. i did not mean to post them here and thought i was on my own thread, very sorry bud. they are now up on my thread.


No problem at all


How old are these plants?


They’ve been in veg for 19 days now :wink:


Do you start counting veg after the third set of true leaves?


@bubblehead and what are true leaves?


I count veg from when I transplant them out of solo cups