MattyBear’s Dual Purpose Tent


Started a little LST on the other section of the tent

Grand Daddy Purple (back left)
Banana Kush (back right)
NYC Diesel (middle left)
Green Avenger (middle right and not happy at the moment)
Alien Fruitcake (front left)
Pineapple Chunk (front right)


What spectrum is your QB? My 3oook also puts out the yellow light. @MattyBear might have a 4oook in his veg tent?


I have a 3500k QB kit in the other flower tent :sunglasses:


This tent has 3000k 90cri strips from Cutter and I built them with Robs help


Ahhh, so maybe the 90 CRI? You happen to know the CRI on the QB?


Not sure, but @dbrn32 would know lol. I think they’re between 80 and 90cri IIRC… don’t hold me to that until the light king chimes in tho ha


Some Blue Cheese :cheese: buds of blueberry skunky smelling goodness haha


The qb’s are rated at greater than 80, which is technically 80. I believe they test at 82.

Most of us know that the plants are more green than they appear in pictures.


You should do a photo shooti with one of those and submit it in the BOTM contest. It’d get my vote!


I have 3000k 90cri COBs and with my iPhone pics show up very yellow:

But with the webcam in the tent, they don’t:

3500k boards in my veg tent show much whiter looking light with the iPhone camera:

I think it has much to do with the camera as the lights.


Looking good Matt! I’ll be very interested in what your crew thinks of the Crystal. @Laurap turned me on to it and it’s the one my circle asks for first. I’m down to 1 jar…and it’s MINE! haha.


@Bogleg webcam do tell.


Hearing you talk about it was the main reason I’m growing it :wink: I hope it turns out :fire: like yours! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh sweetie, youre gonna Love the Crystal!!! I grow 1 each grow mainly for tincture. Makes a great one with high cbds & thc.


Good to hear @Laurap! I’m excited to see her grow :wink::v:


The one I use is a YI Home 1080p one. Basically a baby monitor type thingie. Has a free phone app so you can view the camera stream wherever you are and a monthly pay-for service if you want to store video.


how much are those?



Thank you wow thats cheap! Looking into it. I ended up grabbing a sensorpush should be here tomorrow. Trying to be able to see current status from anywhere in my house.


@Bogleg it says it uses infrared led for night vision does that mess with plants?