MattyBear’s Dual Purpose Tent


Tent performs just like any other tent IMO. The only hassle was separating the 3x3 from the 1x3 sections and I sprayed Flex Seal to eliminate light leaks.


Cool, Flex Seal. Now if you have a flood you can use your tent as a boat!


If you see some dude floating the river in a grow tent you’ll know it’s me! Haha


I’ll be right next to you… I used Flex Seal to “seal” the plywood lid for my ebb and flow tray. Haha! I love that stuff. I also used it to leak-proof the hoses and fittings connected my tray to the water pump.


It’s the new duct tape haha. Fixes everything :joy:


My buddy and I were hunting a couple of years ago in my truck with brand new wheels and tires. I ended up in a washed out section of dirt road and dropped one wheel into a 6 foot crevasse. We got it out but it ground off the black on one tire where the whitewall would be. The tire shop suggested black Flex Seal and it worked great! You can tell but it’s not glaring obvious now.


Hey @MattyBear how do you take your photos? Is there anyway on an android phone I can change the settings to get rid of the yellow look my quantum boards make? I tried the web couldnt find what I was looking for. Thx


I take all my photos with my IPhone 7+ and I don’t edit the colors or anything :v:


I have a galaxy s8+ stock settings make my pics look yellow under my led.


I’m not sure of any apps, but maybe there’s a way to edit your pics and try to make them less yellow? I dunno, I’m not familiar with that phone. @dbrn32 has a Galaxy tho, pretty sure. Maybe he knows :man_shrugging:


I have s9, to change color tone there’s a little symbol top right hand corner of the camera screen. I’m not sure what the symbol is called or what it’s suppose to be. But it looks like a magic wand or something with little dashes around it. Kinda like when my kids draw the sun lol.

If you can find that, select it and you’ll get a bunch of options to try.


I have the S8 and there’s nothing I can find. Use the flash?


its fine qith door open looning in but if i try to snap a pic inside its yellowed.


Btw if you guys qould please check the pic of my grow in the topic I started sorey dont know how to link. Looking for input.



@dbrn32 have you found a good setting?


I’ve used a couple of them. Usually end up taking a few different and going with whichever I think is best at the time.


cool thx for the help brother sorry to jack your thread @MattyBear but I know you guys know what youre talking about. Your QB grow was what made me get into it thank you.


No problem. Can you tag me into your grow?


Transplanted into solo cups: Agent Orange, Trainwreck, Afghan, Crystal (all ILGM). In the back is a Tsi Fly and the Fruity Pebbles is in the middle :v::bear: