MattyBear’s Dual Purpose Tent


Getting some of these. Description sounds awesome


Following the Bear.

Why 3 gallons?


3 gallons? I grew in 3 gallon pots so I could run 4 different strains. I’m also breeding new strains, so I need to go through my stash of seeds to see what I like and determine what isworth breeding I’m really lifted right now hahaha​:wink::v::bear:


You need to catch a cold more often hahaha!


@MattyBear - I am buying the ILGM Bling pack specifically for the Crystal and Gold Leaf. I am looking forward to watching your grow! I will be starting my Crystal grow in about two months. Gotta finish these WWA that are 30 days old…

Best of luck on your entire grow! I am set to watching…


I’m doing another Crystal because the first one was such a hit. EVERYONE liked it.

Good grower; not particularly sensitive to nutes or light, somewhat airy buds (compared to, say, Sour Diesel). I could happily stay with those two strains for the rest of my life.


I’m really getting into edibles myself. I’ll smash half a pan of brownies no problem now. Weird side effect is that after a certain amount, I start singing everything I say. Gotta keep that in check.
Got weird looks in Wendy’s drive thru.


Agent Orange had a tail in less than 24 hours and is now in a rapid rooter under the dome in the tent


She wants to hang with her friends


Love this!


I need to grow it again someday. It was my first ever grow. Interestingly, although I got a small yield that tasted like crap (too many nutes too late in the game), my nugs, albeit small, were very hard and dense. Super buzzy, thrumming high that I really enjoyed. Now that I have a basic clue what I am doing I really need to revisit that strain.

FYI edibles from the strain were really awesome… not as buzzy/thrumming as smoking it, of course - much more “contained” if you will. Perfect for day time use where you have things to get done.


lol that is cheating a cold!


Seeds are all up :sunglasses:




As we used to say: “Schawing!” haha.


you sound like towlie.



@MattyBear when you were describing eating edibles it made me picture


I had to steal that one. Been awhile since I’ve seen Towely. Use to have one hanging from rearview mirror. Could press his handan he say “wanna get high”
Why yes, yes I do!


@MattyBear, How does that tent perform? I was looking at one but decided against it thinking about environmental issues. Would love a first hand experience opinion.