MattyBear’s Dual Purpose Tent


Ok… I figured it was time to finally start a journal for my dual purpose tent. It has a 3x3 section and 2 separate 1x3 sections. I just harvested all those plants in my other thread out of this tent. I have 2 DIY LED panels I built with @dbrn32’s guidance. They are 90cri strips from Cutter.


What’s up next?


I just transplanted a Green Avenger, Grand Daddy Purple, Banana Kush, and NYC Diesel from their solo cups to their final 3 gallon pots.


One of the 1x3 sections has a Pineapple Chunk clone, a Alien Fruitcake clone, and from seed I have a Tsi Fly and Fruity Pebbles, but they are regulars and I will be transplanting them into 1 or 2 gallon pots until I can determine sex.


The other 1x3 section isn’t in use at the moment, but I just got my driver for some boards @dbrn32 hooked up and will have that section to house Mother plants until I do away with the tents all together eventually :v::bear:


Sweet! You have AFC and pineapple chunk flowering in other tent right?


Yessir! Starting to fluff up :hugs:


Ok. I’m set to watching this one if you don’t mind. Looks like it should be a good grow. :+1:
I would like to see how the grand daddy purp and pineapple chunk come out. I’ve never grown either but would like to try sometime. @MattyBear
Peace :v:


The clones stand alone…


The Pinepple Chunk and AFC clones will be mother plants for a little while. They both are growing well in the other tent


Watching the magic happen LMAO!


Just dropped one seed of each strain…

Agent Orange
Train wreck


Where? I can help you find them…


Here they are lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I added a few more drops of peroxide than I normally do to see if it helps shuck the shell easier :v::bear:


Nice, how many drops would you say is optimal for those shot glasses?


I put at least 5 drops, probably more, in them. I’d guess you could go as much as 50/50, although I’ve never done that because it’s unnecessary :wink::bear:


That Agent orange sounds interesting Matt. I’ve never heard of it. Glad I get to see you grow it :wink:


Glad to have you along, as always :wink: Here’s the info on the Agent Orange. It sounds like it’s gonna be a good one :sunglasses:


I have a cold, so I made some canna tea, then had some canna chicken noodle soup :ramen:… then I made some canna cinnamon sugar toast and I’m so high right now! Hahahahaha. I haven’t been this high off edibles in years :sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl::hugs:


Thank you for the link Matt. And you have a flying high night :wink: