Matt’s 2018 Outdoor/Greenhouse Grow


Oh I don’t feel sorry for you @MattyBear. Just acknowledging the difficult start. And I sure don’t recall you “bitchin and moanin”…


@MattyBear your going to busy with all those ladies…did you sort the critter problem?


@Mudcrab01 I have just kept the greenhouse buttoned up and other than my dog, haven’t had any critters that weren’t mine mess with them. Lol. I’m still building a critter fence, hopefully in the next few days, to keep my dog out if anything lol.


Sorry for the confusion @mulegal, I was responding to @Not2SureYet and I’ve complained plenty in my other threads when harvest time comes around haha.


The big difference is. I complained because of problems. Your problems are just having to many plants lol :grin: Good problems and i don’t remember reading any complaining going on over there


It’s the good form of complaining lol.
Edit: maybe I stopped whining as much since the wife started helping. :wink:


Oh I don’t always follow what’s happening with multiple conversations. It’s my confusion… Good thing I’m happily confused.


Hey @mattybear cute new babies! How about a whole greenhouse pic? I’m hoping to work in mine over the weekend. Will post on my thread when done. The pollen here has left such a ridiculous layer of green dust on everything this week. My girls need a good shower :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ll be out of town until Sunday, but I can post a picture when I get back :wink:


@MattyBear Had a bad storm blow through here the other night. It picked my greenhouse up and moved it to my neighbor’s yard (on the other side of my 6’ privacy fence). Quite the site it was, my wife and I trying to wrangle it back over the fence and remove the cover during a torrential down pour. Time for a new plan to secure it a little better.


Oh man @GetbackJoJo, that must have been a site to see! I have 8 stakes holding mine down now. Lol. I wonder if your neighbor saw you guys!


High winds here last night and my greenhouse shifted

I’m really glad that I didn’t have any plants in it yet :slightly_smiling_face:


from what I’ve seen here those little greenhouses are really pretty tough and durable @SmoknGranny. Glad you didn’t loose it


That’s awful - hope the plants didn’t suffer!


I have a very similar GH - I had to cut lots of windows for ventilation - just FYI before you put your plants in there.


I’m glad I didn’t lose it too :grin: I think it would have flown to Kansas if not for the dog cable across it!!!
And it does need to have some windows as @Momtomask says :+1: before I put any plants in it. Although, I’m now considering taking it down & just stretch some shade cloth between the chain link dog panels.


That sounds like a good idea @SmoknGranny. Lots of breeze and air flow. I like all the ways we each come up with what works for us. Very creative hobby. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yep. After those high winds last night and this area can get some pretty bad storms I’m actually glad to confirm what I thought could happen with the greenhouse. I pulled out a kennel cover shade we had in storage and will spread it out tomorrow and check the size and see if it needs repairs.


Ok I’m home. All 4 babies survived without me. @Momtomask here’s the greenhouse photo you asked for


Thank’s for the GH pics - for some reason I thought you had a couple older girls in there. I put one of those cheap indoor/outdoor carpets on the ground before I set my greenhouse down or my floor would look like yours except lots more poison ivy! Can I ask an outdoor question - how do I wash my plants? Do I have to ph my water first in case they drink it? They are all covered with tree polen and look awful :pensive: