Matt’s 2018 Outdoor/Greenhouse Grow


Haha that’s funny! Gotta have the pooper scooper ready at all times lmao


Stupid cats!!!



@FloridaSon I thought of you while typing that out! Damn cats lol


I’m sure you did with that rant I had the other day! LMAO


Hahahaha exactly the conversation on my mind lol


I’m still not sure that seedling is going to make it. There is a second node trying to push through, but my cotyldon are dying off.


I tried replanting mine and it didn’t make it. Tap root was broken in half about 4” below the surface. She didn’t have the strength to hold herself up. Oh well, I have replacements but it sucks losing any plant for sure.


Better behind you as to in front of you :grin:


Hey @MattyBear as I was putting this fan up yesterday - I couldn’t help but remember your falling fan mishap :frowning: So after I had it zip tied to the frame - I threw a bungee cord over the top for good measure :+1:t3:


A little backup plan is a great idea. Figure out the worst case scenario & do your best to prepare :+1:


Atta girl! Learn from my mistakes!!! Haha.


And your successes too!


That’s how we roll around here!


Just potted up two more sprouts and put them in the greenhouse


Yeah very good dog @MattyBear. Letting the interloper know that it’s her territory.

I get racoons almost every night, and no bother to the plants. My cat did gnaw on one pretty good in the house though last winter.


You two, @MattyBear and @FloridaSon have had some hard luck this spring with the outdoors. I hope that this changes and all the good Karma you’ve created, is ready to give it all back to you now with the new seedlings. Thinking of you guys.


Good forethought. @Momtomask


Keep it up with all these plants and we will be able to smell where you are hiding :grin: After trimming. I am not sure if i should be happy for you or sad lol They rate you are going. The plants are going to own you :grin: Looking forward to see how big these ladies get out side.


I appreciate that @mulegal and I’m hoping these survive the season!


Hahahaha don’t ever feel sorry for me! I might bitch and moan about trimming, but I enjoy smoking too much to let that deter me :wink:. Plus, I have my wife to help me trim!