Matt’s 2018 Outdoor/Greenhouse Grow


Wow, that’s really nice, @Momtomask. I’m so jealous.


@Momtomask looking like a great set up, I would say just watch the shelving when you have larger watered pots on them as they tend to be a little on the lighter side of support. I say this as I have similar greenhouses to that with similar shelving.

I need to keep the fan running here and have the door open even in a dry (cooler season) as the humidity is still high and don’t want to risk Mold either.


Good info - thanks @Mudcrab01 I have no idea what I’m doing but jumped into the greenhouse idea because my indoor set up was overflowing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think I am going to set the plants on the floor and scrog them somewhat like yours but also like @Smokin_ernie has in his shed build.


Maybe the nuns would let you put one on the roof :+1:t3::wink:


I do the greenhouse as it provides me more of a stealth option and the ability to grow outdoors. Don’t have the room indoors. Found it masks the smell pretty well also.

Of note, addition of supplemental lighting was required for the seasonal change I was coming into, and the shorter days to extend my veg time. That said I am lucky I do have them as the suns trajectory has changed a bit with the seasonal change placing half the house in shade around 2.30pm, so I use them a little more now also.

One thing is, I am not really sure how it will impact final yield, as am way off but seems to have held in the plants in veg well enough with ok results thus far.


Beautiful! Gonna get full fast!


Lol, the nuns… if they only knew.


We’ll figure something out.


@Covertgrower I’m missing you over there man.


I’m sure you’re surviving… :wink: @MattyBear


I have windows in mine and still find i need ri leave doors open i have frint and back doors too for pleanty of cross ventilation
If you have access to electric you may want to consider installing a fan to help keep air moving to prevent mold ans mildew as well


Been a minute since I updated this thread. The first WW auto to go outside was killed by a critter. Dropped 2 more seeds a week or so ago and only one sprouted and the other got caught in the rapid rooter plug. Just put the surviving one outside today and germinated a few more WW autos that are now in plugs and inside the dome. Here’s the one that I put outside today. Sorry all, not much to report at the moment


Poor little one looks lost in there right now. Did the critter get into the tent?


No, I left it open on accident. I’m gonna have to build a little critter fence around the areas I’m growing in open air. They can stay in the greenhouse for a while so I have a little time to get it built.


Hopefully you don’t get raccoons here like we do. I have a friend that has issues with them every now and them. i think they are more inquisitive than any thing but still manage to do damage. She grows out side, no plant protection though.


Pretty sure it was either a cat or a raccoon. It’s ok. I plant more than I plan on harvesting outside because of critters and Mother Nature


I don’t know if you have ever tried this. it got rid of the raccoons here. I spread it around and have yet to see any come back. I shared it with my neighbors as they were having troubles with the too. Good for other pest too. :grin:


I haven’t but the dog and plastic critter fence has usually been a good deterrent in the past. If they swipe another one, I’ll grab some of this lol. What if it’s a damn cat tho! Lol


You know, I did notice that my dog took a dump by the greenhouse instead of on the other side of the yard like usual. She was trying to help me out, lol. Good dog!


My older dog lives to poo and likes to follow along behind me delivering land mines that weren’t there a minute before lol.