Matt’s 2018 Outdoor/Greenhouse Grow


Still no word my dude


I’m with you on that @MattyBear


Not even from that link that roy give you?


I’m working on something for you two right now. Might take me a couple of days, please be patient, I will do my best


@TDubWilly no worries. It’s already been more than a week… so, not much else to do besides just wait. :wink:


Great news! Happy Mothers Day to you and all the other moms here! I’m sure you will make it work, you’re a natural! :v:️:wink:


@Covertgrower I got the email this morning. Thanks @TDubWilly for all your help.


12 hours later getting notifications. Thought something was weird this morning.


I’m getting duplicates :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nothing yet for me @MattyBear but 288’s are back in stock to tempt me. Lol
@dbrn32 I am getting delayed notifications also.


3000k already sold out haha. Standby on the other stuff.


@dbrn32 I can’t like that comment. Geesh. This another reason to move back to EST. (4 hours behind sucks!)


I’m sure I’m close to running out, but smoke em if you got em right?!


I have your log in @Covertgrower


Sweet! I think he’s 4 hours behind me, probably still doing work thing.


@Covertgrower, hit me up when you sign in to the other site!


Hi @mattybear - the greenhouse has been put in the yard - we shall see how it goes.

I need to cut some windows like you did - unless the door is open it has no ventilation - that’s tomorrow’s after work project :wink: @Mudcrab01


Hey @TDubWilly how do go about accessing my login? Still no email confirmation.


I’m trying to figure that out myself buddy.

Unfortunately it’s against the policy over here for me to post it

I have it right here in front of me


That’s looks awesome!!