Matt’s 2018 Outdoor/Greenhouse Grow


Thanks @FloridaSon. More info is good.

Yup assumptions can sure cloud the waters. Mine was obviously way off…ouch.


Sorry for your frustration @mattybear :frowning:️ You have been so helpful to me on my grow with your knowledge and support with my DIY lights - this forum is lucky to have you and the Lab would be too.


Don’t worry @MattyBear

I swear I’ll pay for you myself if it comes down to it


That’s pretty swell of you! I think it’s more about level of service. Sometimes things happen, we all understand that. But looks like someone has had several opportunities to make it right and still nothing.


After you sign up (pay $20) you wait for an email ‘inviting’ you to join the lab forum. The lab, to my understanding, is an additional (higher) fee and gives you one on one support. This new offer lets you join the lab forum without joining the lab.
I can see how it appeared to be segregating, I’m not into that either. But I figure for 20 bucks it could be worth it to chat with folks who are lab members. To me, it feels like this forum is the beginners level (and super duper) and the lab forum is the next level… intermediate :thinking::wink:


I’m just curious if by paying the $20 to join the forum, if the same “no contact” or sharing of personal information is also applied :thinking:


I’m with you on that one though @SmoknGranny I jumped on it, just to see.


I can assure you that nobody i have seen is posting personal info for everyone to see. I have only been there for short period of time though. Fair enough? :wink:


Sadness @dbrn32 back to other methods… lol


Yep :+1: you & I had a discussion about this sort of a while back :wink:


I believe in your word!


I think from your perspective you’ll enjoy it there. There are some different tools there that members can use to communicate. To my knowledge all completely anonymous. But definitely not any Ashley Madison type stuff going on that I’m aware of.


Lol, Ashley Madison! No, there’s none of that going on…I don’t think.


That escalated quickly @dbrn32 lol. Ashley Madison. What a joke that website was.
On a serious note, I agree, I was hoping it was a good next step on becoming more educated about growing.


I think the info and resources are there. Individual experiences will probably vary.


Thanks @GreenThunder. That’s clearheaded. I think I might . Anyone know if there is also info and interest in outdoor grows in the lab forum?


Probably one of the cleanest outdoor grows I’ve seen. A lot of them, maybe not so much.


I’m in. Got my notice day before yesterday.


Hey @MattyBear - I picked out my greenhouse today. It’s 5x5x78 at the peak. I didn’t see you note about the height until after the purchase. Hopefully it will work out. The grown kids (who I grow for) want to build it for me tomorrow as my Mothers Day present. I bought some big bags of Happy Frog and Ocean Forest and a smaller bag of Earthworm castings. I am going to start with 3 gal pots (that’s what I have available) and get all my GL monster clones outside. I think there are 9 but maybe 10 - might be tight at the end but we shall see :+1:t3:


What’s the word Matty B?