Matt’s 2018 Outdoor/Greenhouse Grow


I just had to finally take a few off of my head cheese:

They were starting to collect moisture between, where any were touching. I didn’t think that was possible here in the desert. I guess I did just water.


Pruning is a feel thing. Once you do a few plants you kind of get the hang of where to pluck from and where to leave alone. After a few more it will become second nature. You’ll be surprised how fast the plant will replenish its leaves in veg and early flower :v:


I get in the zone and have to remind myself to step back and look once in a while or I end up with Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree lol


Try to limit it to 1/3 or less a week so they have time to recover. Like Matty said, you’d be surprised.


I’ve seen it! I purposely chopped the hell out of one I was using as a mother, just to see what I could get away with. These plants want to multiply and take over the earth, you just have to get out of their way, really lol


I tend to get manic when I prune too.


Some shots of the girls


They’re really fattening up nicely!


The one on the right is starting to look like an all day sucker. Gorgeous. :+1:


Thanks guys! It’s supposed to rain this weekend, so they will be spending that time in the greenhouse :v:


Beautiful work. Like bonsai trees for stoners.


Hey @MattyBear what happened to this grow ?


I forgot to upload on this side lol. I ended up taking them all a little early due to mold/bud rot. Stay tuned this summer tho. I’m gonna try something a little different :v:


Ok got you…it was like watching a movie and then the screen went dark…haha


Sorry about that man. If it tells you anything… you were the first person to ask how the grow went lol


How’d the grow go? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(there! that’s 2!) haha


He’s full of it. He just wasn’t asked in the forum lol…


I meant that it wasn’t that interesting lol


I know how the grow went :grin: