Matt’s 2018 Outdoor/Greenhouse Grow


I just pulled my Armor Si out an hour ago: tomorrow’s feeding


Thanks @raustin! I’ll get her down a tick then. Good thing it’s only been in small circles and mist so far and not watered to runoff yet.


I have Rhino Skin. It’s good as a foliar spray too


@MattyBear Looks sweet bro. I’m just trying to learn from you all! Gotta love this community where we help each other. Watching and taking notes!!!


Getting some sun yesterday

Dropped these today… a Blueberry auto and a Cheese auto

I’ll drop an Amnesia Haze Auto next, but I’ve heard they’re a little finicky so I wanna be able to give her a little extra attention at the beginning :wink::v:


Into rooters and under the dome


4 White Widow autos


They love the sunshine. I had to put mine in the shade today; still out there lol. It’s HOT.


I notice the autos seem to really stretch when they are out side. They are getting tall. Any idea why only one is bushy?


I staggered their germinate dates so they all wouldn’t be harvested at the same time, hopefully :wink:


It won’t be long before your day consist of. Water, trim buds. Water, trim the next plant and so forth day after day. :grin:


Different phenotypes can display varying growth patterns.


Trimming your harvest in stages is a smart move in my book. Especially when you’re the only person trimming.


The gals :v:


They’re hot! :heart_eyes:

Edit… bringing this one back :kissing_heart:


@MattyBear Love you for giving it a go outdoors brother! Don’t think they are ready yet tho…but I’m on the piss after a long day at work :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m off some Jameson myself lol.

Here’s the girls this evening…


Well played brother!!! Cheers my friend! Wish I was there bro!!

The girls look sweet too!


Can you tell I’m a Whiskey drinker? Lmao. I don’t discriminate between whiskies, but have favorites… of course lol.


If I can hang onto it until 'Vegas I’ll bring a bottle of bourbon from the distillery I worked at.