Matt’s 2018 Outdoor/Greenhouse Grow


That’s good advice, thanks.


@mattybear and @elheffe702 I had not really planned for the outdoors/greenhouse but I hope it works out OK. My inside growing space just ran out of room. Maybe because I have become a crazy “pot” lady who can’t stop making clones :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Momtomask you know how I feel about your growing and I love it! You’re a natural and I enjoy watching you “work” :v:️:+1:


LMAO@“crazy pot lady” :joy:


Looks like we’re at a standstill on the poll. For sure a B.B. will be joining the others outside and a Cheese auto too. Last seed is between Amnesia Haze and Northern Lights… I’m leaning towards the AH because the others are hybrids or Indica dominant hybrids


Here’s the girls yesterday soaking up some rays…


I’ve never grown Northern Lights, but the Amnesia Haze is nice to grow. If I hadn’t had my health issues last year, she would have been my best producer.


Thanks @FloridaSon, I think I’ll go with Amnesia Haze, Blueberry and a Cheese auto to join the 4 White Widow autos.


That sounds like a great lineup!


@MattyBear I believe you are in soil correct? What is the white on top of your pots? DE?


@GetbackJoJo I’m in Promix HP. The white on top is a preventative layer of Gnat Nix. I hate bugs so I’m trying to get ahead of them this year! :v:


HEY! Tell me about Promix HP! I’m using it for my current grow and am interested in any quirks or whatnot about using it. Water/feed daily? Cal mag? Help a poor guy out, Matt! lol

How about you, @Countryboyjvd1971? You like it too, John?


@Myfriendis410 Alan, These are the first plants I’m doing in Promix. You don’t need to water daily I’ve heard because you treat it more like soil. It’s inert, which I like, and all control is yours, like with coco (as you know well). I’m not to the point of saturating the soil yet because they’re still too little for that. So far so good :+1: @Countryboyjvd1971 could fill you in better than I could. He’s done quite a few plants in Promix now, pretty sure.


Yeah; he’s been a big advocate of it. I would say based on my experience so far that Promix HP holds water a bit better than coco; I like that. But there are those with coco that water daily and just treat it as a hand watered DTW system.


I think @WillyJ switched to Promix too, maybe he can offer some insight


I’m also interested in promix. Thinking about switching from soil on my next grow. Some people say to Ph it like soil.


That’s what I’m doing although Cheryl suggested just a bit on the low side at 6.2.

I just gave my soil grow the chop last week and was disappointed in the yield over coco. My experience with media is the growth is ridonculous.


That’s what I was thinking, keep it somewhere between hydro and soil, so 6.2 is good.


I’ve been going in around 6.4. Maybe I’ll bring it to 6.2 slowly over the next few waterings. I’m gonna hit them all with some Silica today


I think 6.4 is probably fine, but on the high end.