Massive wilting on top half of all three plants

Better regulate? What are you doing ?

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What soil? Look pretty healthy. Someone will shoot a support ticket soon. Answer questions on it and you will get a lot of info to sort through and nail it down.

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Explain more please? Super new to this my dude! Thank you :call_me_hand:t4:

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Fox Farms soil. I don’t know if the soil is running out of nutrients or what!?!

I was just asking how you are watering.
How much, how often and such.
The wilting looks like the leaves are heavy with water. They will do that sometimes after a good soaking. I don’t see stems wilting so it doesn’t seem to be under watered. There is probably no problem since all of them have done it at the same time. Sometimes excess heat will do that too.


ILGM Grow Support Ticket

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  • Strain: Blue Dream from
  • Type (fem/auto/reg): Auto
  • Climate (indoor/outdoor): Indoor 4X4 tent
  • Medium (soil/hydro/details): Soil/ Fox Farm Happy Frog
  • pH of runoff or solution in reservoir: Only PH levels I’ve checked is my water each time. I keep it 6-6.2
  • Nutrient mix strength (EC/TDS): I have nearly all nutrients I can see everyone using on here. Not currently using any.
  • Light type & schedule: Mars Hydro TSW2000/ 24hr light cycle
  • Temperatures day & night: heat and humidity on the InkBird T&H controller tent heated at 72°±2°
  • Humidity day & night: 60%
  • Ventilation: 6in inline duct fan w/ carbon filter
  • AC: N/A
  • Humidifier: on when humidity drops. Heat and humidity on the InkBird T&H controller
  • De-humidifier: on stand by if needed
  • Co2: not sure about this one
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Jealous. Nice setup. 24/7 72°? Kinda low for a constant grow to me. A steadier 78-low 80’s might help. I feel it is kinda cool at 72.

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I am surprised some other issues have not come up.

  1. That is a really long time for happy frog to carry a plant. I think it is time to start using flower stage nutrients
  2. On the lower leaves I am seeing lighter green / yellow bars between the veins. Common for magnesium deficiency to show during flower. A good flower stage nutrient should resolve this.
  3. ph of 6.0 - 6.2 is quite low for soil. 6.4 - 6.9 is recommended
  4. watering may also be an issue. I can’t tell if under or over. Soil you do want to let it dry out a bit. It gets hard to lift a pot with that large a plant in it. Do you check the soil? How does it feel? Maybe use a soil moisture meter if watering is a problem. Something like this

Good read. I am way too neanderthal…lol. just keyed on 1 part. Love this forum. Many eyes.

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I would follow @beardless advice above.


Hy welcome to the community @DankBuddha

So far all goin good just looking over watering, feel you pot if is heavy wait until is dry or if is light need water

You ph is good btw 5.8 to 6.5 for hpff soil

Like @beardless said is time to feed them with nutrients

Happy growing :green_heart::metal:

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Thank you for the knowledge!

I’ll follow up in the same format if that’s ok

  1. I have the FoxFarm liquid nutrient Trio Soil Formula: Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom

  2. Should I use the above products or a shot of CalMag?

  3. The ph of my water I’m adding is 6.0-6.2. I assume when you say run off you mean when the plant is over watered and it runs out the bottom, check that water for the ph?

  4. I have been fluctuating trying to combat these wilting leaves but nothing drastic. When I water, I physically feel the dirt that’s closes the the upper root system for dampness then I’ll determine from that.

Thank you for caring, dude! Love this place!

I clicked expecting to see some ugly. Droopy leaves. Under/over watering. Some plants droop before lights out. Some do it after lights come on. I do a flood drought method for watering. A couple of cups of water per gallon of medium every other day or so with a good soak every week or so.

Ph going in for me is in the 7ish range. I use dry amendments so it’s plain water (well, spring or rain). I’ve never felt the need to check my runoff.

Pick a lane. Seriously, step back and evaluate what you need to do. Sometimes it’s absolutely nothing.


I do need to give it more time. I tried a little more water for 4 days, that didn’t work so now I’m at a day of water then skip a day.
As far as my caption, to me, that’s bad! They’ve been perky with no issues until, well, they weren’t. Lack of a better analogy here.
Thank you for the good solid feedback, Sir!


Both @beardless and @oldmarine covered you fairly well. One question I have is what type of container are you growing in? Plants can adopt a ‘guarding’ pose if there is a root issue (overwatering). If using plastic pots it’s really important to allow medium to dry out before watering. Fabric pots are usually preferred here to allow more drainage and Oxygen to the root zone.

You can download a grow schedule for the FF trio: find the recipe for either ‘Transition’ or ‘Early Flower’ to give you the correct amounts. N.B.: when mixing nutes you HAVE to mix in the correct order! Failing to do so will cause bad things to happen. I would recommend mixing to a TDS of around 1,100 ppm 500 scale and be aware FF grow schedules are Canadian with the TDS measured on a different scale (700) which can cause confusion.

If adding cal mag; it goes in first.

(if you don’t have a TDS meter it’s time to acquire one: Very valuable instrument)


Can be normal if it’s happening before lights off

I use to use the Trio. I never used happy frog but I did use Ocean Forest for quite a while. OF will generally carry plants around 6 weeks. Happy frog is less potent so it needs to be supplemented sooner.

This is the soil feeding schedule if you don’t have it

Since she looks to be at the very beginning of flowering start at week 5. The first time I would use 50%.
Usually FF trio is given on a feed - water only - feed schedule. CalMag and other supplements like silica are given on water only days. PH after nutrients are added and adjust up or down to what your target ph is.
I did not mention runoff but yes you have it right. Runoff is the excess that runs out the bottom of the pot. It is a good practice to check its ph and ppm. Make note of it. It will be your baseline going forward.

It sounds like your approach to watering should work. I would go by weight and touch. Now that I grow in coco I don’t have to worry about it. I just feed them.

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My containers are 5 gallon fabric containers.



Notice the feed schedule is in the 700 scale. If using a TDS meter in the USA it will read lower. Don’t try to get the TDS they list as it will burn the plants.