Massachusetts outdoor grow - how cold is ok?

I have a gold leaf Fem growing in a fabric pot… its nicely in flower now…
How do you deal with the falling temps at night? How low is too low?
We have had two nights in the 40s. I stuck it in my greenhouse. Looks like it needs Christmas lights. :stuck_out_tongue:


In a greenhouse you should be good for a while


Mid 40’s will slow it down.


You were wise to use a container instead of in the ground: if you get cold nights down into the 30’s I’d bring it inside. Same if you get precipitation during late flower which can ruin your whole crop to bud rot.


Good afternoon :blush:. You have a very beautiful lady there. Happy Growing :blush::v:


I wore that girl… full in the face when getting her into the greenhouse. She is a tad large and happy. Really hard to complain about that. :wink:

We are back up to 58 tonight and I don’t hit the 40s (in theory) for 2 more weeks. I have ae empty tent but she might be a bit tall… I might not have room for the light… I would have to measure. I was holding off growing in the tent until this girl was done. Generally I wouldn’t want to take an outside plant and put her inside due to bugs. But if nothing else is in there… does it matter?
My biggest battle with the autos I had were aphids and little green worms. I was going to spray her soon with some BT and later some crop defender. Maybe toss some DE on the dirt for other pests. I am thinking she is not going to be done/ready until well into October. We could see freezing temps then! :woozy_face: Would it be horrible if I moved her in the tent before then?

ALSO… work is talking about me going to the UK for 10+ days in mid October. I can’t ask my wife to bring it in and out every day. That seems to be asking too much (on top of everything else). Know what I mean? lol Yikes! I keep hoping that is postponed.

I feel your pain DogDays. I’m in the same boat. Also growing in Massachusetts. I move my plants undercover when there is any chance of rain (like today). I have 8 plants in 15 gallon pots and it becomes a chore. I currently have 5 on my front porch and 3 in my shed. Also about 3 weeks from harvest.

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Thankfully I just have the one. Before I head down to work I will slide her back into the greenhouse.
8 plants! Yeah, that would be a chore. :wink:

Cold below freezing in the early mornings is actually beneficial… if the day time temps get warm and sunny. It will enhance terpines and bringout all the lovely fall colors. In addition, it may increase trichome production as the plant is desperate to get pollenated before the end of life. As @Myfriendis410 said, try to keep the plant dry if at all possible. One way to keep frost away is to water the ground around your plants really well the day before, like use a spray nozel and hose the whole area down ( not the plant ). This is an old school winery method of frost abatement. Obviously a fan would be helpful too, but impractical for most of us. Generally, here in Canada we go well into the early frost periods quite regularly without too much issue. Its when the rains or successive cloudy days come, that mold will become a serious problem. My suggestion is to be diligent with the weather reports and ride out as many sunny days as possible or if the bud looks pretty good and a string of wet days are coming… its time to chop er doon mon! Good luck and enjoy :wink: shes looking really noice! :ok_hand:


Well, that is awesome news as I have been carrying her about. If its super cold in the morning (this morning 33) I had her in my tent in the basement. But if I can just move in and out of the greenhouse then I am a happier camper.
Here she is now, in her transporter… aka wheelbarrow. I trimmed her… and you can’t tell. She is due another feeding tomorrow. Will do so when it warms up a bit.

Here is the weather…
From you say I don’t even have to put her in the greenhouse on the dry days if its above freezing. Is that right?

Last week I sprayed her with crop defender for a few days and made sure she dried out well. I do have a fan in the greenhouse. I want to do another round of BT, my autos had soooo many worms. Trying to avoid bud loss to those suckers. Evil buggers.

Still new to this whole thing, but having a lot of fun with it. :slight_smile:

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I`m in Massachusetts too. I have 4 left in pots, I put them in the garage at night and whenever it rains.


Like yesterday and today! 3+ inches of rain. Yikes…

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Was pulling her out of the greenhouse this morning and noted a bit of mold starting, so I did some clean up. Lost the top on one of my buds, so I brought it in to picture. I keep thinking she has further to go to get her buds bigger. But now I need a sanity check.

This first one makes me think… not done. After this I pulled off the little leaves and just have bud to photograph.

These ones of the bud itself look far closer. Whats your thought?

If I can harvest sooner then later I would be happy. I don’t want to lose it all to bud rot.

Many thanks!

Looks cloudy… thats about where mine were when i had to cut. Weather got to nasty… find out after cured how we like them at this stage. Sampling will tell lol😉

With the amber showing, its already past peak thc ripeness. You can harvest at anytime and be good.


My plant is still in the ground, as long as shes kept dry all is good. A little freezing is not a bad thing.

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I actually ended up pulling her. She is dried and now curing. In a few weeks I will give her a try. :slight_smile:

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You could in the future invest in a greenhouse heater. That’s what I did. It has a controller with it :slight_smile:

I actually have one. It is not cheap to run. For the other plants that are in there, rosemary, bay, marjoram, onions… I just use the ceramic heaters you would use with like a lizard. Its enough to keep the chill off. I actually use the heater controller to control those. lol
I need to finish insulating for the winter. I do a layer of bubble wrap inside the greenhouse to help preserve heat.

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Smart, I have one for mine and it seems to work quite well. I keep the temp at around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. I might have to look into what you’re doing! :)) I too, have insulated with bubble wrap.

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