Massachusetts outdoor grow - how cold is ok?

I have a gold leaf Fem growing in a fabric pot… its nicely in flower now…
How do you deal with the falling temps at night? How low is too low?
We have had two nights in the 40s. I stuck it in my greenhouse. Looks like it needs Christmas lights. :stuck_out_tongue:


In a greenhouse you should be good for a while


Mid 40’s will slow it down.


You were wise to use a container instead of in the ground: if you get cold nights down into the 30’s I’d bring it inside. Same if you get precipitation during late flower which can ruin your whole crop to bud rot.


Good afternoon :blush:. You have a very beautiful lady there. Happy Growing :blush::v:

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I wore that girl… full in the face when getting her into the greenhouse. She is a tad large and happy. Really hard to complain about that. :wink:

We are back up to 58 tonight and I don’t hit the 40s (in theory) for 2 more weeks. I have ae empty tent but she might be a bit tall… I might not have room for the light… I would have to measure. I was holding off growing in the tent until this girl was done. Generally I wouldn’t want to take an outside plant and put her inside due to bugs. But if nothing else is in there… does it matter?
My biggest battle with the autos I had were aphids and little green worms. I was going to spray her soon with some BT and later some crop defender. Maybe toss some DE on the dirt for other pests. I am thinking she is not going to be done/ready until well into October. We could see freezing temps then! :woozy_face: Would it be horrible if I moved her in the tent before then?

ALSO… work is talking about me going to the UK for 10+ days in mid October. I can’t ask my wife to bring it in and out every day. That seems to be asking too much (on top of everything else). Know what I mean? lol Yikes! I keep hoping that is postponed.

I feel your pain DogDays. I’m in the same boat. Also growing in Massachusetts. I move my plants undercover when there is any chance of rain (like today). I have 8 plants in 15 gallon pots and it becomes a chore. I currently have 5 on my front porch and 3 in my shed. Also about 3 weeks from harvest.

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Thankfully I just have the one. Before I head down to work I will slide her back into the greenhouse.
8 plants! Yeah, that would be a chore. :wink: