Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Patient Refused Live Saving Transplant

How can it be legal for an Insurance Company deny a liver transplant because the patient shows Positive for Marijuana? The patient as end stage liver failure and Cancer and uses Marijuana for Chronic Pain. A total left hip replacement, (2) herniated discs and a compression fractured vertebra. The patient does have a Medical Marijuana Legal prescription.
I, am the patient. I use it for RSO, pain, cramping, nausea and what little sleep I do get.

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TM … that is terrible. I don’t understand your insurance company at all. I’m sorry this happened to you.

TM … was thinking about you and wondering how you’re doing. Any change from the insurance company? I hope you get the transplant you need.]

Just got the call. I !@#$ING WON! Insurance company folded under threat. Give ne three days and I’ll be back out of bed.


Wow great news there. TM. This is why I hate insurance companies.

After being forced to quite for some time the chronically injured discs in my back swelled causing severe pain and cramping in both legs. Now after consumption resumed the swelling has reduced actually allowing feeling in my feet for the first time in 20+ years. I also found the best Physical Therapist for which I have a lifetime subscription.

I HAVE PROVEN THAT CANNABIS DOES FIGHT PAIN. I believe the anti-inflammatory properties physically reduces pain and the euphoric affect helps dis-associate yourself from the pain awaiting for the inflammation to subside.


I’m glad you are feeling better. Do you have a preference on the strain you use? I started with indica skunk because it made me sleepy, nothing hurts when you are asleep. But lately I’ve been mixing it with sativa, that seems better for the pain and inflammation in back and neck.
I’m glad things are better for you.

Thanks MT and Tom. To date I have grown Violator Kush and Now Gold Leaf that helps sleep the most. By far a caregiver provided me with Lavender Kush. It felt exactly like a flexeral (Cycobenzaprine) putting an end to the dozens of nightly leg cramping. I took foreever to find seeds and found them at The Seedsman but the first of five failed to germinate.

Still got the transplant itself to battle successfully,

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TM … just logged in and saw your comment. Awesome new! I hate insurance companies too. Do you have any idea when the transplant might be?
I smoke for chronic muscular pain and have found it works so much better than Flexeril. It also works wonders for mood stability. Chronic pain can really make a person irritable!
Keep us posted.

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Thank Bro. I resist mood swings. Keep the suffering hidden. I could get “The Call” anytime. Scary shit but got to be better. The anti-inflammatory properties are starting to work. I love Cannabis. AMEN, Put away the ammunition. Kick ass bare handed.

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Best of everything to you TM … hoping the call comes soon and you can be on your way to better health.

I love that term, “put away the ammo, kick ass bare handed,” good luck with every thing.

The most amazing thing is happening. I now have feelings in my legs. The first time after the cause. The firing up of the nerves is intense. Bring it on. Physical therapy and cannabis is my only orthopedic relief and is proven is precious.

I fed my White Widow in grow room #2 today after a couple weeks (daughter helps Dad) . Brushed a 6 week old bud.and STICKY. Vacation in the mountains next week and home for (2) harvests. Then my first empty chambers for lack of health.

It’s important to have only the red care fops. Lessons part #2 this Saturday. God, it feels good to be alive again… .


TM … I am so glad to read the feeling is returning to your legs! Awesome. A vacation sounds really nice too … enjoy yourself. Keep us posted about what’s happening and when you get "the call."

Hugh Rationality. I have not smoked cannabis for days. I put myself on a RSO (Gold Leaf) regiment for the Cancer and my body is happy. Pass the word!

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TM … how much of the oil do you take per day? I know a couple of gals using the oil (breast cancer) and they can’t handle the full recommended daily dose. Did you follow the directions for making the oil from his website? Do you think that the Gold Leaf strain specifically is helping with your treatment and pain symptoms, as well as the feeling in your legs?

Sorry for so many questions. I have chronic pain (arm/shoulder/neck) and wonder if the Gold Leaf is better managing those symptoms than WW or SSH.

Thanks for any insight you can share.

MT. I find my body others then those I know. The editable treats I make do nothing psychoactive to me including the RSO. I’ve been told by Friends the edibles need dividing. With what I’m going through the escape would be welcome.

I did make my RSO from six ounces of the finest Indica dominated I did grown. But of course Roberts.

For consumption of the RSO I use a ball dabber and put about 1/8" drop under my tongue. It’s basically Like pine pitch that very slowly devolves ( brush teeth first)
I can feel awaken my body within an hour.

I also give my Physical Therapist (PT) a Hugh part. I hated (PT) but he is the best and the most painful.

Lavender Kush was !@#$ing amazing on my leg cramps. Just can’t find seeds that grow.

The numbness is slowly coming back to the legs. But it proved after the transplant the spinal fusions needed will work.

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terrible to refuse anyone a transplant for what they do to control pain or socialy .i to am proof it works for pain the ammount & strenth of pain meds i would need without pot would slowly restrict my life and kill me in probley 10 years .

Thanks for the information…

Happening again in Maine. Criminal