Massachusetts (Boston area) which Autoflower strains for outdoor planting using ipower fabric bags

Hello -

I’m new to growing.

I have my first pot growing outdoors but take it indoors at dusk.

What do you mean by your statement, you would finish in a 7 gallon pot?

Transfer plant from the 5 gallon pot to a 7 gallon pot towards the end of the growth?


Switching to a 7 gallon pot at this point makes no sense, keep it where it is, the repotting will slow growth for weeks and the size difference is minimal. Looks like it wasn’t getting enough light when it was younger, the stock is quite long until it hit the first growth. You can build up around the base so it won’t be so tempted to blow over in a storm. The good news is the plant looks healthy and growing well. Just keep doing what you are doing, it seems to be working.

Thanks a bunch!

I’m encouraged and a bit more confident.

BTW, I’m in western Mass also in the Pioneer Valley.


What if you had pots and would’ve moved them inside when it rained, do you think they would’ve survived? That’s the same strain I’m growing this summer.

Damn that’s what I’m growing outside any tips? Germinated at the end of May.

What did you do to prevent bud rot?

Make sure you have plenty of airflow on the plant and I never let the leaves get wet when watering. I think the bud rot happens when the buds are damp and can’t dry themselves because of lack of air.