Massachusetts 2020 grow

Seeds started, will be ready to go in about 4 weeks for outdoor grow.


Hi. Also growing in MA. Starting early too. 4 strains this grow. Looking great, man.

Thanks, I got a little stretch early; the light I ordered took 1.5 weeks to arrive and I did over water (corrected) as well. For a first timer I’ll take it.

Oh, yours look outstanding!

sorry to jump in on the convo, MA growing as well. Is anyone moving outside today, too cold? Happy growing!

First time grower but would say night temps to cold; looking at 5/23 or 5/30.

Just put mine outside yesterday image

I’m also doing my thing in MA. Now that we can and not worry about it. This is my first go round. If you guys see something that doesn’t look right please let me know.

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Are those pots the ones you’re planning on keeping them in for your entire grow?

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I moved my plants to 30 gallon pots…

Beginner grower.
City water.
I try to be as natural as possible during my grow.

I’m in Boston(HP). Here’s my 2nd outdoor grow progress.

I am growing from seed:

Big Tooth
Blue Cheese
Mataro Blue
Sativa Dream

Blue Dream
Cindy 99
Afghan Haze

Last years grow

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My only recommendation is to move them into fabric pots the pots you have them in I going to cause problems for you… :+1::grin::grin:

I started in tent in March…put them outdoors May 6th…

May 17th…

Growing on the North Shore MA here…!!! :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


Looking great there @Weedlvr0321. I akso started mine Aoril 1st. Grand daddy purple, gold leaf and chemdawg. Poctures tf. Great job. I’m 20 minutes south of Boston.

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Hi @Northerlit go at least 20-25 gallon fabric bags. Light brown is best. I bought black though. Goo luck. Looks great. :mask::thinking::v::sunglasses:

I hope you don’t have anyone jump the fence and steal all your hard work. The druggies here steal anyone that grows outdoors. Of course getting caught with seeds will get you a free trip to the State Penn In Huntsville. :pensive:

That’s why I have a trap camera on property… if someone messes with my girls at least I have them on (digital) film. MA grower here too.


Its easy to beat a camera. Use a LED light on a hat.

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You’re right, but usually the perps are more concerned with trying to stay unseen in the dark round where I am. My trap has multifunction sensors so it can often get a clear night shot even with a light, but not always. Other than animals, only ever “caught” my neighbor checking on the plants for me tho lol.

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I would have a crazy security system if I was growing outdoors. The Army trained me well. I will never grow outdoors here in South Texas. Between the insects, mold and everything else would’t be worth the hassle if it was legal.

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Mine already outgrew 20 gallon fab pot, now what do I do???