Mary's shortened life 2020

Hey guys,

I may not be the weed farmer connoisseur as most around here, I’ve only been smoking grass for 52 years. It’s like art, “I know what I like” and I like this year’s crop.

Everything that could have gone wrong with this years grow, did.

I planted late,

used a commercial soil mix,

didn’t realized I was diluting my nutrients too much,

had a minor whitefly issue,

changed over to blooming nutrients too early,

had a nitrogen issue 2 weeks into flowering.

found a moldy bud six weeks into flowering so I,

harvested earlier than full bloom without flushing,

the drying process went too long and I jarred at 54%,

after 24hrs, Boveda packet only brought the harvest up to 59%

where it sits now.

So yesterday I thought, “what the hell”, let me try the fruit of my labor.

Well, I know what I like, and after just a couple of tokes, I LIKED it a lot.

The result was “heady” which I preferred. Not incapacitating.

Tasted fine, not particularly harsh by any means and lasted for an adequate amount of time.

So even after a seasoned comedy of errors, Mary proved to be very forgiving this year and rewarded me with a “job well done.”

Here’s a few images of her from this season:

(upload://2ebvAimGW3iM9avDCEGua4A0lpG.jpeg) clone

Thanks for everyone’s help in my sophomore year.



These plants can be amazingI’ve done almost everything wrong at least once,and still managed to get some good smoke.Lots better since I joined this site.