MarsHydro300w vs. Roleandro(GalaxyHydro) UFO 180w - which is better?

Hey guys I have 2 lights a Roleandro(GalaxyHydro) UFO 180w & a MarsHydro300w and trying to figure out which one is a better light. Each one is priced about the same but I want to use the stronger light on my biggest or flowering plant and weaker light on the smaller vegging one. Has anyone had experience with these or know which one is better.
mars hydro300w- MarsHydro Mars300 LED Grow Light with Veg/Bloom Spectrum for Hydroponic Indoor Greenhouse/Garden Plant Growing, 132W True Watt Panel
ROLEANDRO UFO180w-Roleadro 180W Hydroponic UFO LED Indoor Patio Plants Grow Light Lamp

for example I think the Mars pulls more actual watts but the UFO has UV diodes. The Mars is around 4500 lumens and I’m not sure on the UFO. I’m very new to grow light specs so is there anyone who could shed some “light” on these 2 LEDs?? Tnx!

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@iva he’s in need of your knowledge dude :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:

Mars hydro is way better never get one of those ufo things not a good light setup at all
The Mars 300 is an old setup with 7 spectrum but works well altho sara once said its only good for growing tomatoes :slight_smile:.
If you can get 2 you will have a good setup for one to 4 plants and they only pull 120w from the wall some times 93w depending on the model.
I have 2 ones is 117w and the other is 93w from the wall both output the same Par over a 1m x 1m space
you work it out lol


I’m still on my first and 2nd grows here so I’m learning virgin style. Why would two of the same lights pull different amounts of power from the wall? Are you saying that the more stuff u have plugged into the same area the less power for each light? What is PAR? And why is the UFO not a great setup? Does this have to do with shape or spec? Plz enlighten me sensei Iva! Show me the path to fat nugs! I appreciate your wisdom & knowledge

it depends on the power supply and how hard the LEDs are pushed as well as the LEDs them selves and how good the batch was when it was made and made from.
Do you think the LED maker would use the most expensive parts ? or the cheapest ? :slight_smile:
They get paid the same ether way.
Most LED panels are made in the same few factories

Most of the UFO style panels dont even use proper heat sinks and with out a lens the light will go straight down not to the sides. They are not wide enough for your plant, I will bet money you will not get anything worth wild out of it or even 4 ufos
Alos they are just to low in output no main LED seller sells them now and that is why

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That is interesting especially how they were rated one of the better led lights out there. And I think that if crazy you have have same models with different power as if there aren’t wattage readers and tools to measure these things. Of course most don’t have them but still I guess I will use my marshydro300 on the flowering plant and stick the UFO closer to the vegging. I have a couple Fat cfl bulbs and one Morsen 80w e27 full spectrum bulb on the side. (See Morsen light here- Morsen Full Spectrum Led Grow Light Bulb 80W E27 For Plants Vegetables Flower Hydroponic System Grow Tent AC85-265V do you think the Morsen is even worth using at all or is it literally a waste of my monthly energy expense?

I would keep away from them some have live point on front of the panel and it isnt covered look it up on youtube zap!
Would take too many for a grow but they are ok for side lighting as an add on but very low wattage
One 300w was given to me and is very old and the other is only a few months old and is not a marked Mars light but it basically the same light from the same factory with out the mars sticker
If it was me I would use the 300 as veg and get a bigger light for flower or even add the ufo if you already have it or even a second 300.
There is no real cheap way when it comes to lights and alot of the LED panels they are cheap dont work or are risky and can burn down you house and for the sake of saving a few more dollars.
Mars are cheap and nasty but they work anything below mars is an unknown and or dangerous
Mars is as low as I would go if you are not elec savvy the new pro2 is a good light I have one for testing and it is well made and better then all their other lights.
If you have a budget I can point out some units worth a look at, PM me if you want, I am no expert but I can save you working LEDs out by spending cash on paper weights until you find a good light and I have seem many do just that me included.

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Do you have a pic of that Pro2 light you mentioned Iva, i tried to look it up but couldnt tell if it was the light you spoke of

its the same as the pro but no built in computer just switches I got this off their site the light is on the top shelf when the wife gets home I will get her to grap it and I will get some pics of the MarsPro II 160LED

The marspro has a problem in that the built in timer is great you can have the sun come up and go down even have cloudy days but if the power goes off the memory is reset on the light and when the power comes back on it defaults to lights on 24/7 not good if you are half way thru flower ouch this has happened to one of their fan boys on a youtube grow and we know how that would of gone to make it worse he didnt know for a few days anything had happened

Got an email from KingBrite today, telling me about their new 200w COBs.

They also gave me an even cheaper invoice for the CXB3590s and all the parts I’ll need. Just gotta save up for it :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:


They are a good seller not sure about the 200w cobs need to have a look
you cant go wrong with the 3590 they are 35% more light and 20% better efficiency then the 3070
And the 3070 was more efficient then the normal diode style LEDs per Watt pulled from the wall and light pushed out

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Stay the course and wait till May. Lol. This type tech will drop price stupid fast

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Oh really? I can wait lol, but how do you know, I’m just curious? Gives me time to save more money, and by then I can just buy more of them :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:

One day I want 5 grams per watt, 2 is my current aim when the next chips come out the CXC or what they call it is set to be another 35% light and better efficiency again making 3-4 grams per watt a possibility
Thats why MarsHydro and other rebranded sellers fall short they are the same tech it was 10 years ago.
They are cheap and easy to buy but they are old tech fan cooled LED grow lights and you will spend more power to get the same amount some time twice the power
I am going to the lighting fair in HongKong next year looking forward to it my friend dosn’t want to go so is sending me looks like you do win some :grinning:


Ok what do u think is important to know about going cheap cfl? Besides the kelvin & wattage/lumens and maybe CRI- will I at least be ok ON side lighting if these 3 things are at least right for growing?

I dont have alot of experience with CFL growing but I seen some good results from ppl
I have a 130w cfl I used for veg it was hot but worked well and didnt need to be right in the plant like the house hold size ones do.
I know gram to watt it is very inefficient so cost from the wall to what you get will be poor but it will work
If you use household ones you need to have them very close like just a few Center meters

I did clf and the heat was bad. I build a hood that has 12 26w actual watt clf’s and one that had 9 46w actual watt clf’s and built a case for them and piped in my ac too. They work it’s just in the long run it’s cheaper for the LEDs. This above was 690w used. I have this amount in my tent with LEDs now and growing better flowers. Oh and my old CFL grow boxes are now growing carrots and tomatoes I couldn’t get rid of them.

Sry @Iva and ppl if I’ve been overboard on firing away questions here but I had another one regarding E27 bulb socket type LED’s…I have an 80w Morsen “full spectrum” LED as a side light… Is this even worth using? Do u recommend using any of these e27 bulb type lights, even as side lighting? and If so what are some decent brands to look at?? I included a link to the Morsen I’m using in one of my posts above…