MarsHydro TS1000 Light Strength at each stage

Hey all, just started my first grow a couple weeks ago. I have a small 2x2 tent with a MarsHydro TS1000 light. I am just growing a single auto (GSC) plant. Currently I have the light set @25% and it is about 6" above the top of the plant. Just curious when I need to increase intensity and height. What general rule should I be following to make sure she is getting enough light throughout the 18/6 cycle?


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You will want to watch your plant and see what she says she wants

Do you have any pics? For example if she is tall and lanky she is saying she needs the light closer or on a higher intensity

@Hellraiser can probably explain it better than me

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That’s a bit close, I’d raise it up to like 18". Then watch the plant, if growing a long thin 3-4" stem then can lower the light a few inches or give some a little more light or if the sprout stays very short and squat, then can raise light a few inches or turn light down a bit.

Increase light as the plant gets bigger but you won’t need more than 50% while the plant is in veg, when the plant starts flowering then you can crank the light up to 100% but don’t do it all at once. Slowly take the light from 50% to 100% over the course of a couple weeks, kicking it up a little bit every few days to allow the plant time to adjust to the higher light intensity.

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Thanks guys. I moved the light up a bit and increased to 40%…. Cause I am inpatient. She’s definitely not stretching for light. Seems short and squaty. Couple pics for ya. Light is probably about 14” from top of plant now.


That’s how mine is growing right now too

Is that a good thing or a bad?? Lol

I’d rather have plants that are a bit short and squat over tall and lanky, so it’s a good thing. Yeah can tell that plant has been getting plenty of light.

Yeah I think it’s a good thing too
Here’s mine…