Marshydro ts1000 auto GSC. Indoors, 2x4x5 tent

The jack is strong, it’s nice, the wifey got some from the legal store here and for commercial overdried weed it was pretty decent. Props to the genetics more than the grow in my opinion.

Supprized you went with crical mass cbd, it’s a 1:1 ratio though and a good generic but there are ones with more thc.
I try to grow plants with a decent ratio of cbd it’s much better for our body and mind.
Dutch treat would be a good sativa with a decent amount of cbd I grew it and people liked it, 9% thc 6% cbd. Your critical mass is 5%/5%

Thoughts on the WW smoke? I haven’t had it but I intend to grow it as it’s such a good strain due to yeild, easy growing, and people like the high.

I actually do have a grow that’s about 30 days in, my worst grow to date :pensive:.
Moved into a larger space got a second tent and now I’m away for 2-3 weeks at a time trying to guide the wifey into caring for them so she’s learning but she’s also swamped with nursing so can only push her to do so much so often.
Knew it was going to be a issue to dial this new space in so used some free seeds and the two photos I have must be terribly weak genetics… They are so fussy and they might be herms since they are bagged seed. I will link it to you though.

Ps no problem on the help/support we all need it, I know what to do majority of the time It feels like but theory and practical while away from the lab is much differentm struggle at times.

I really hope that is not true of my critical mass cbd. I got them from another seed bank and their claim was 9%cbd and 9% thc. I guess I could mix it with other bud. Man, WW is a dank bud dude. With a really good earthy/woods taste. It has some sativa in it so the lock is not immediate more at the end. And it makes me play my guitar like I am outside my body looking in.


Fair enough, who did you get it from?

Also if your going to get into cbd plants be sure to learn a little about cbd thc ratios.
Even at 9/9 it’s a 1:1 ratio this means that it blocks some of the thc and thus vs smoking a 9%thc 0%cbd plant it’s much different

Ps here is my grow currently, I’m home in and get to touch the little monsters on Tuesday!

I also travel for work. I bought me a camper, where I go the grow goes. Also I got the seeds from seedsman.


I work in the northern Canadian oil and gas industry so I’m gone in work camps in the middle of nowhere on cie roads or in the bush… Or sometimes right off a highway.
That’s very cool you take your grow with you!
How do you power lights while driving?

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How’s the heat from that mars hydro I’ve seen mixed reviews

I have a 4 inch inline fan pulling out. And right now I have a heat pad for seedling and my temps stay 68 to 75. It is slightly hot to the touch but won’t burn you.

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I’m using one to heat the wifey hermit crabs lol

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I am a welding inspector and have worked the oil sands in Alberta. I saw the northern lights up there amazing and the people are the nicest I have met. Plus, gravy, French fries, and cheese. Munchies mmmm hmmm. I stayed in a man camp but I wasn’t growing atm.

I tie my plants in and let the natural light hit them in the camper well driving to job sites. I am sure it stresses them some but not as much as my wife taking care of them. Plus, I really enjoy caring for my plants. My plants, my pup ,and my camper. It feels almost like home.


It sounds like you got a good gig man living the life! The grow, the dog, a good job and can go back to the wife when works done.

Yeah I’m up here, no oil sands for me have never been I work the gas fields

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Thanks. I consider myself a lucky man. Life is good.

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Lil GSC gal is doing good. I think the hot soil leaching through the coco still maybe a lil hot for her. But she soon enough will be big enough to handle it. I have not watered in two days now. The soil still feels damp to me. The NL auto seed has a very small tap root starting to show. I will put it in coco tomorrow and let her go.

My WW is having a bit of a cal-mag issue. I watered with Epson salt and 1-0-0 cal-mag today to remedy this. I have only been giving it cal-mag once or twice a week. Or it could be the excess N that burnt the tips might have the cal-mag locked out. If the spots show on new leaves or get worse on the ones showing now I’m going to flush and start over.


NL AUTO went into a cup today. I know, I know an auto into a cup. I forgot to set my coco out to warm as I store it in my garage. It was way cold and that bean had a nice tap root. So, a cup of
Coco can heat up faster than a 5 gallon pot. I have some coco set in a pot waiting tell the baby breaks ground. Then in it will go in.

GSC auto. Still hanging out under the dome. It is getting its real second set of leaves. Thats great and they are not showing any signs of nute burn like the other ones. That soil is hot.

And…WW FEM PHOTO. I flushed her with tap water and sledgehammer. I only had to use 5 gallons to get my ppms down. I watered after with cal-mag and Epson salt. Ppm in was 550 with a ph of 5.9. Run off was at 340ppm and 5.9 run off. I am going to do a light feeding tomorrow. The schedule says 1500+ on pmm. But I am gonna see what 1000ppm does like @Myfriendis410 suggested. She how she responds. The rust has stoped growing and i believe she

should recover fine from her deficiency!!!


Watch your runoff numbers and if they drop at 1,000 ppm, bump it up 100 ppm at a time. It’s a moving target unfortunately as it’s dependent on the point in the lifecycle of the plant, the ambient conditions, and what you are feeding her and how often.


Thanks for that. I am still really new. That ww is only my second grow. I feel like I have learned so much from this site, u guys, and just my plant. Thanks. I wish i could just smoke out with all of you and pick your brains. What a good dang time that would be.

We are all learning as we go you think you know so much and then you start questioning yourself in your own grow lol it happens. Just keep learning.
Feed those bloom nutes but yea feel it out don’t want to burn her to bad

@Nicky @Myfriendis410 @Drinkslinger
Today my seedling is not looking well. I’m not sure, if coco is a bad buffer and leaches to much hottness/nutes from the FFOF, or if I am over watering. I have watered twice since it has sprouted. Both times the medium felt dry a few knuckles down. I have only watered phed water a few ounces at a time a few inches away from the seedling in a circle. It maybe to humid under the done too? I poked a few holes in it today. I forgot to turn off the blurple. If better pics are needed I can take them after work tonight. Also the red cup in the pic has a seedling in it. I use a clear cup for a dome.

WW, got fed a gallon of phed water 6.0 with 1075 ppm. Run off was ph 5.9 and 774 ppm. I went half on the FF grow big, because the extra N in my cal-mag 1-0-0 I have been giving at waterings. I think my plant recovered nicely from it’s Cal-mag deficiency. No pic today.

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Keep a dome on it and as close to 100% RH as you can manage. I water by spraying the dome with an atomizer: that’s plenty.


I don’t know much about coco yet alone coco with soil… Not sure why you went that way and not soil less (coco) or soil.
Seems like a mix of both but I would just keep it moist and see how it goes. Definitely little leafs look not the greatest but it may turn around, adapt or die right haha

It is not a mix. FFOF is to hot for seedling. I have a little larger than a solo cups worth of coco as a buffer. As some people do with happy frog. Then all strait soil.