Mars ts1000 led

Has anyone used the
Mars TS1000 grow light? I’m thinking about buying one and I was curious about the heat it generates ?
Thanks !

I guess this depends on the space you’re putting it in? @Schrist1

2x2x48 grow tent… Any suggestions? I had a few others …

It shows as pulling 150 watts at the wall. So estimate it’s good for 3 square feet. Your tent is 4 sq ft, so that light would be adequate for 1-2 very small plants placed in the middle.
The pH probe that comes with it is fairly useless, but timers and hygrometers are always good. :+1:

If it were me, I’d go to horticulture lighting group and get the 135W QB V2 LED KIT
It’s a little more $$, but it’ll give better light, run cooler, take less headroom, and you’ll be happy later when you get a bigger tent.

If you’re in the least bit handy, you can build something very similar for around $150.


@Schrist1 @Drinkslinger covered you well, and I agree with what he’s suggesting. That light is more efficient, and that’s why it runs cooler. More lumens per wattage.

Agree for sure. I have HLG QB lights and they are awesome and efficient. Better choice as the other folks are telling you.

When I saw the video of the guy trying out a TS 1000 and practically burning his hand touching it, that was all I needed to convince me it runs pretty hot.

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Great point !! Thank you for the advice and help…

Thank you for the advice and help!! Scott

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i run the HLG QB 135w boards…

two for flower…

one over the moms, clones, and veg plants…

they seem to perform as good or better then HID’s…

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Very nice!! Thank you for taking the time to share … Scott

If I had a 48"x24"x60" tent would you recommend 2 of these lights or just one?

Two of the HLG 135 in 3000K…or… one HLG 260 XL in 3000K

Thank you!!!

The xl is very nice… 35 inches long

a little fan blowing on top and it stays nice and cool for me and got a ts1000 and ts600 right next to each other

Welcome @416iXGROW this thread over a year old, but welcome to the forum, happy to have you!
Just pointing the age of the thread, in case you were expecting a response from the OP. Some don’t hang around that long.
Happy growing!

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